Arranged marriage or Love marriage

I want to date someone with a mental illness because i know what there going through but
my parents want me to get arranged marriage. Anyone have any opinions.

It has been noted many times that schizophrenics tend to rapport with each other.


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I am against arranged marriages so I don’t have much of an objective viewpoint for you. I believe in choosing your partner and being chosen by them.

“Arranged marriage or Love marriage”

where’s the poll?

would prefer no marriage


I dont want to marry…

There’s different types of arranged marriage. If my mum introduces me to someone we like each other that’s also called arranged marriage. So I’d say bit of both

I wouldnt have accepted an arranged marriage, but I think my parents would have probably chosen a better partner for me than I did. But arranged marriage is not at all in our culture. I think nobody can really choose which is the better route for you… As long as a careful selection is made, of someone who really fits you and you her, and you feel good with oneanother and you have a say in it…i think both can lead to a loving marriage.

My family tried to arrange my marriage, and I basically told them there was no chance in hell. But we have been heavily Americanized through three generations of living here. It may be more difficult for you. I believe @Hadeda is in an arranged marriage, and is very happy. I would have been open to the arranged marriage if the person they picked was intelligent and interesting, and my preferred gender.

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I want gay marriage( with a male), for me to do this I certainly have to be proactive,
a marriage with a girl perhaps can be arranged but not with a boy,
I may try to actively persuade people to come out of the closet, although I have some selection
among people who are hardcore gays as well.
Indeed I have already started promoting gayhood.

I heard somewhere that arranged marriages have a higher success rate than non-arranged. Maybe a greater sense of duty is inherent in the process? Not very romantic though if it never goes beyond duty.

Different strokes for different folks.