Army veteran prevents mass killings

The shooter was 19 years old and a fan of the other recent mass shooters of places of worship. Unfortunately 1 person died, but without an Army veteran it could have been way worse.


I didn’t hear that on NPR, good to know.


It sickens me how people are so easily convinced into committing or attempting mass murders. And how they post about it on anonymous image boards like 4 or 8 Chan, and no one stops them.

If you ever decide to go to an image board, which I don’t personally recommend, take everything with a grain of salt.

Good thing the vet was there. But one death is too many.

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@anon40653964. How far away is the synagogue from you?

About some 25 minutes. That shooting got to me for awhile. Apparently the gun miraculously jammed. Thank goodness for that or else there may have been more deaths. The same guy also lit a fire at a mosque earlier in the month if I’m not mistaken.

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The loser left a manifesto on a website and confessed to burning down the mosque. I don’t understand why those hate websites aren’t monitored all day long.

Do you know how he bought the assault rife? Aren’t those illegal in California.

Another hate crime that could have been easily intervened with proper mental health services.

From what I remember reading he walked into a store and bought it. I’m not sure if it was the AR-15 “sporting” rifle or if it was a modified AR-15. I think they’re just calling it an assault rifle but yes automatic firearms are illegal in California.

I saw a segment on Real Sports with Brian Gumbel recently about the AR-15 and how it is marketed as a “Modern Sporting Rifle” the segment had an interview with the guy who designed it. He said that it is a killing weapon not a sporting one. They also interviewed a father who lost a child in a mass shooting as well as a spokesman for the NRA.

Whatever the case, I think those rifles are a bit of overkill. If they’re going to be sold they should only be allowed for law enforcement and people who have been in the military and are properly trained in handling such a weapon. Those guns were made to kill.


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