Aristada Injection

I found out this morning that my pdoc ordered Aristada instead of Abilify. It’s supposed to be virtually the same, but helps with negative symptoms. Anyone here on it? I get my first injection tomorrow.

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When I decided to step down my Abilify,

I had to switch to Aristada for some reason.

I think it has easier to decrease dosing.

Not sure.

Anyway, I’ve been on both and can’t tell the difference.

It’s a good medication,

I really hope it helps for you.

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Aristada was the first depot shot I was on. It didn’t last me the whole month, so I asked to try Abilify Maintena. My psychiatrist agreed to it, and I saw no difference between the two, so my psychiatrist made the Abilify every three weeks.

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Thanks guys. I was really wondering if it was too different.


how’s it going on it? Is this your only med?

Going great. It’s my only ap. I missed my shot last week but will get it Tuesday.

it supposed to be administered every 2 months or 6-8 weeks

its serum levels are reached within 24 hours vs maintenna you have to take oral for 2 to 3 weeks after shot till the shot reaches blood serum levels