Abilify injection vs pills

I’ve started seeing a new prescriber and she wanted to take me off of Zyprexa because I was tempted to stop it on my own due to weight gain(which I did once earlier this summer with devastating results) long story short she is putting me on Abilify. She really wants me to go to the injection form in two weeks time. Anyone have any experience with both the pills and the injection? How about pros and cons of each. I’m really hesitant to go to the injection, I hate needles.

I was only on the pills and feel good that I didn’t go on injection of abilify. Why does she want u to go on injection. I don’t like injection myself cos it means it has to stay in my blood for however long n I don’t like how u get a whole two weeks worth in one shot. I know it is released slowly but I worry wat if it all just accidentally gets released all at once like. I mean that may never happen but still my mind doesn’t stop thinking about that kind of stuff if I got injection.

I take both, pills and injection and I feel good and I don’t gain weight.

I take pills and make me a little volatile but best ap ever been on

Same medicine but the form is different. The Aristada is a shot that you take once a month. The pills you have to take everyday. It is the same medicine though. If you had trouble swallowing pills, or remembering to take your medicine everyday, the Aristada is a good choice because you just have to go to your doctor once a month for the shot.

I do the shot now, they don’t trust me to take pills, when I get depression I sometimes stop cause I don’t care.

You can get the shot in the hip so you don’t see the needle, does not really hurt, works the same as pills, other than tired like most meds, does not have many side effects, My weight is stable, but i do work at staying thin