Arioiprazole 5mg

Is 5mg aripiprazole.effective for auditory and visual hallucination

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No ! Read @everhopeful’s tag line


5mg is effective for depression.
You will have to go to 10mg for Psychosis control.


No it’s not. 10mg is the minimum theraputic dose of abilify for psychosis / schizophrenia. 5mg is just used as an add on to an antidepressant.

Everyone is different. I was on 10mg /7.5mg for the first year… and later 5mg for approx 6 years. I’m on no antipsychotics now as I’ve not had a psychosis in 7 years (and have only had the one episode). However , in my case the possibility is I may have been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and am really bipolar.

Everybody isn’t different. If you have schizophrenia you need 10mg.

I know a few people who have sz and they are on 5 mg. I am myself on 10 mg but will soon also go on 5 mg

Make sure you report back on how it goes. You’re basically going off meds. I was off meds for 2 years. Then I crashed and burned.

How do you know this info

I see. Perhaps it is a misdiagnosis in that case. :confused: either that or the 10mg helped for the first few months and I managed to survive the rest out of luck

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  • The clinical trials for abilify.
  • The official prescribing information from the manufacturer

Interestingly In clinical trials 5mg beat placebo for 3 weeks but after that it was no better than placebo.

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Oh okay that have persuade me

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Thank you so much