Aren’t I allowed to be in a good mood?

I’ve been feeling more alive since going down on my Depakote dose.

I’ve even been singing to myself one time!

Just in a better mood overall.

My father is concerned that it’s the beginning of mania that I’m experiencing.

Can’t I just be in a better mood since cutting back on the medication a bit?

I’m tapering slowly

I’ll keep an eye on things and so will my dad I’m sure.


Nice to hear!

I felt a world of difference when I went off Risperidone. My world went from black and white to color, so to speak.

You sound like you’re in a positive frame of mind. I don’t think it’s mania…perhaps just a cloud slowly lifting from over your head.

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Yeah thanks @Patrick

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You know you best. Also you’re not falling off the sanity train quickly if you keep tabs on your beliefs.

If you start getting overly paranoid watch out.


Thanks @naturallycured
I’m watching out for the paranoia to be sure.

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That’s what dads do. Just take the love and keep rolling man.



Yes thanks @MrSquirrel

I have never experienced mania so I don’t know how it feels. Just watchout for its symptoms.

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Thanks @Aziz I will

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I get that a lot. If I start singing songs out loud they all ask me if I’ve taken my meds. Honestly sometimes it hurts my feelings. Like they don’t want to see me happy. Sometimes I just want to sing out. That doesn’t mean I’m manic or weird. I like singing.


I don’t think your getting manic, your just having a good day. I think thats great. enjoy the good mood, make the most of it.

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Yes like they want me feeling miserable like them.

Thanks @leaf @nate_malloy


Hope everything works out for you @Wave!

Thanks @EarthChild

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I notice when I’m in a great mood it’s usually hypomania. I rarely get full blown mania.


I don’t think it’s hypomania but just some of the lifting of the fog from the withdrawal process.

Yes it’s okay to be in a good mood. Don’t worry about it. Family members tend to be hypervigilant of our moods too cuz they worry about manias

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I’m in a very good mood due to exciting changes in my life but I’m not hypomanic because I still sleep ok most nights. And I don’t dance all night lol! :laughing: usually if I hypomanic I dance and sing for several hours and stay up very late and pace the floor and talk to myself. I haven’t been doing that since a few months ago

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