Am I entering mania?

So I had a deep depression for like the last month and it has suddenly lifted. And like tmi but I am having the highest sex drive I have ever had. I’m talking to like 6 different men at once right now. I’m not spending like I normally do with mania, but am still a little worried even though I feel great

I’m also sleeping less even on a higher dose of seroquel lmao

Yeah it could very well be a sign of mania.
Contact your psychiatrist so they could nip it in the bud.

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I almost don’t want it to go though. I feel great and am getting so much school work done

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Yeah I’ve been feeling a bit more hypomanic lately since lowering my Depakote dose.
I would still let your doctor know what’s going on.

Yeah my mania doesn’t normally end well. Last episode on top of psychosis I didn’t sleep for a week and they had me on so much haldol I couldn’t see and trouble walking. Episode before that I didn’t get treatment and ended up in some not so good situations.

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