Are your voices primarily male or female?

I mainly get one entity that is most of the time male, although it can give off the energy and presence of a female perfectly. One time after I accused it of pretending to be a female cohort, it shifted its energy from a male to a very hot female .When it was female I was high/aroused and almost in a trance, then it shifted its energy back to a male and started laughing, which gave me the creeps. When it was female it would also make flirtatious gestures through my face like it was inside my body. As a male it makes more monstrous and animal like faces through my body.

If I tune into its energy and the feeling of its presence like a radio and channel it through me the connection becomes stronger and it will start talking in my head and make annoying faces through my body and jerk my head around.

Mine are both. When I have thought broadcasting and I know the gender then that’s the voice.

And of course psychiatry has no neuronal map of what is happening in my brain while I experience these things in my consciousness. Like I’ve said, it seems schizophrenia is more of a label than a well defined theory in the brain.

My entity says I am wrong. He says schizophrenia is not merely a label, “it is a well defined masterpiece of deception.”

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So that is what I deal with. It is a highly surreal, sophisticated, and complex experience. My entity also shows signs of self awareness, most definitely.

When the entity and I are in unison I like to think of us as a renegade element. >:)

male and female. the female voice is more detailed. male voice more male i guess

Mine are mostly male, but the loudest strongest one is female.

My voices are mostly male, but there are a couple of females, who are very caring and loving.

Sounds like the old good cop bad cop routine. It is a psychological operation.

I think part of what you want is their understanding and respect, and you don’t get their respect from being passive or weak, and you don’t get their understanding from being immature and myopic about the situation.

Not sure if that’s right :smile: I try to create a positive atmosphere, and my voices basically support me in what I do, I almost never get negative remarks - no orders, insults, or infighting.

I wont make peace with them. My way of getting their respect and understanding is to lead to their destruction. I want a collapse of our current way of thinking and doing things.

I want to make a cartoon character out of every so called authority who’s tried to control me and tell me how things are. I now know what is really going on, but it is ok, I kind of like it ugly.

I basically let them say what they want to say, I try not to oppose or interfere. If they say something hurtful I try to take it on board, the other day one of them said I used to rape women, which was hurtful to me as I would never consider doing such a thing. But perhaps in a past life it was true, and that’s why it was said. So I thank the voice for its utterance and move on. It was very rare, the first such statement in a year.

On an emotional level I am polite but try not to engage. A state of polite inquiry is what I try to maintain. Rarely I am moved beyond that, statements of love and care, which sometimes come, I answer with grateful acceptance or sometimes returned affection.

Very occasionally I make a mistake and then a voice says “(name), you’re a dick.” Haha.

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It sounds like you view them as your gods.

Not at all… They are small and unsophisticated, but move according to impulses that I do not feel. So I treat them with caution and respect, but also with the realisation that I am both bigger, more complex and more important.

My entity in his words says humanity just see a bunch of sour grapes and apples and don’t realize the real threat to humanity and their way to life. He says if words could break bones, their bones would be broken, so the sword will be taken up next by their species.