Update since being away

Hi Everyone, i hope everything is ok over where you are, i hope you are not struggling but if you are then i hope you can relax and get some peace and respite, I hope your meds are working ok and that you are improving.

Here is a little update about where i am at right now, idk how long its been since i last posted but hey ho,

Things i am doing-

  • Still doing radio shows
  • Still going to my clubhouse
  • Tending my garden
  • Caring for my mum
  • a whole lot more

i have been more active since the war broke out in Ukraine and attended an anti-war demo and spoke to the crowd on camera twice (no coverage)

I have been getting the train more and staying longer at my Mental health Group, tasks i do there include-

We kick off the morning at 9pm and plan the work ordered day,
i then choose which tasks i’d like to do,

  • Cafe duties- I tend the Cash register (till) serve tea/coffee, clean
  • Kitchen- Prepare food, serve food, wash/dry dishes
  • Reception duties include- answering calls and signing cards for birthdays, thinking of you etc,
  • social media is upstairs and includes duties such as-
    texting reminders, social media, planning groups, supporting members, canva- newsletter, magazine,
    wellbeing- Arts & crafts
    Social events- games night, Kareoke

We have a lot of new members and things are a bit hectic at the moment, i had a med adjustment recently and it wasn’t successful, i got very overtly sensitive, Emotional & suspicious briefly.

I have found another place i could volunteer as well and its much bigger and for helping the homeless too.

Radio Show is still on & i recently interviewed a local historian and i have a band lined up who have both had mental health issues.

@Cragger i havent forgotten about that interview with you, just had some issues on here.

My large communal garden is a lot of work for one person and i am going to lay cement down in the cracks in the patio.
Just recently finished making an enclosure for my mums dog so it knows where to toilet.

Care duties- took my mum out to the deaf/blind centre and helped her with an art project, we went to the beach and to the shops recently
took her to a family Anniversary party last night. things like that.

I am not allowed to mention a certain thing but all is well on that front and i am grateful for the help and encouragement i receive from my father.

It is Easter soon and i have cut down on meat and reduced portion sizes which means i have lost some weight :slight_smile: go me!

so i am trying to stay strong here (which is difficult) elections coming up and i am not happy with the government.

Mr H, Over & Out


Don’t have the energy or concentration to read your long post… can you summerize it in only 1 paragraph?

Hope your doing well mr happy

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He’s volunteering,


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you exhaust me.
but I haven’t gotten much sleep overnight just now.

all sounds good though.
I’m just happy with doggies here,
my recliner, and catching new episodes
of the Conners, I think Hulu, maybe Roku.

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That sounds good!
It seems like volunteering suits you well, and I’m sure they appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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just something I want to share
My daughter in college wanted to do a volunteer project,
it might have been required for her degree
in Adult, Child, and Family Services.

she chose something like Panda Mission,
for kids who’ve lost someone dear to cancer,
and the intake worker told her,
Why do you want to volunteer here? You have CF.

well, first she can’t be around other CF’ers,
she’ll get B-cepatia, and second, the woman didn’t see a great thing comin’

some can really be a racket.

You sound great! I’m so happy for you. Is the group you go to Clubhouse International? I used to go to that and found it helpful


It’s mister superstar….err I mean happy :smiley:.
What’s up bro :sunglasses:

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yeah, its not accredited though, i’m hoping to be an ambassador but if not then i might try the city mission helping homeless, they have a much bigger building and its better equipt i think, i saw a video of it recently.

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one paragraph eh? hmmm

Doing ok, Doing loads of stuff, keeping busy, trying my best,

Best of luck to you! That’s a great goal!


I’ve been having some issues lately at my clubhouse, very suspicious about things, but its getting better, i hope its not true but i was worried some people may be treated better than others and that goes against our clubhouse standards.

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I hope they’re not doing that. Have you talked to a trusted leader there?

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yes, i am keeping an eye on it but it may just be me over thinking things, i had a recent reduction and told my dr but had to put it back up so that may be a factor,

another bit of good news is a staff member i liked returned from maternity leave and she asked if i’d like to feature at a hidden illnesses festival by taking part in a video, i think if i do it i may use an alias name and blur my face a bit.

thanks for responding btw i was worried people might hold a grudge against me or something, I appreciate it

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I’m not holding anything against you and I can’t imagine why anyone would hold that against you. It’s good you’re going back to a dose that works for you. I still think it would help if you talked to a trusted staff member about it, just to put your mind at ease

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I did, i spoke to my coworker about it,

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I had a job interview a few weeks ago aswell but i didnt get it, it would have been great looking after a community building as an officer, they also had a large organ but it needed repaired so i was thinking if i got the job i could play it but they were very nice about it, interview went well, was a panel of 4 people, aww well lol I’ll just stick to volunteering just now then.

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Volunteering is rewarding. I hope you feel fulfilled doing it. And, it looks good on a resume

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yes, i love doing it, it helps me and others too.

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