Why i think voices r real people

they harass me online
block websites
do you know i cant register to any forum i want
no confirmation message sent to me
they talk and laugh with me
no meds can stop them
i dont know but they r the same
but if i stop meds they talk freely and control me
they still now control me i cant go out or do sports or anything
i take three ap haloperidol 50 mg per month , triflouperazine 5 mg , quetiapine 100 mg everyday :smirk::smirk:
i hope doctor take voices away from me :persevere::persevere:

Weren’t your voices more like thoughts?

they r thoughts but control me too exactly like voices

I don’t understand when people say their thoughts are like voices. My voices are voices in my head

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Voices feel real, that’s why people get deceived by them.

The confirmation emails thing can have a bunch of reasons. No one is able to block you from having them.

Voices aren’t real, they’re just voices.

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Check your email’s junk folder for the confirmation message, usually they end up there.

not even i junk mail :persevere::persevere:
i know that

I hear internal voices, with different characteristics, different voice and tone, different age etc. They are also hallucinations

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