Are you single?

happy birthday for friday, hope you have a good one.
take care
p.s i am not single.

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Happy birthday to you and good luck in the year ahead.

I am married and very content, so am no longer looking at the “plenty of fish”.

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.Happy birthday Friday. My oldest grandson will be 10 Friday. So I will be going to a birthday party.

I have been divorced for over 15 years now. In all that time I have not try to date at all. Sometimes I think about it but have never tried.
I live very rural and it would be hard for me to meet someone.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

I’m 30 and married for two years so far, so nope, not single anymore. I like being married, single is nice and free but oh so lonely! At least I have someone to share my life with, its nice :blush:


I am 47 soon. I was in a relationship in America 10 years, but since 2000 I have been single. I like to live alone. I have just not found the right one, maybe I never do, so what? It is hard to believe that I am so old already, because I feel much younger.

@shellys12 Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I hope you have a good one.

I’m 29 and not single anymore.

I ended up with a new neighbor almost a year ago and over time we became friends. Then the friendship grew and just a few months ago, we became closer still.

So I’m still learning what it means to be in a healthy relationship. My past ones were toxic.

We’re still in the “just getting used to this idea” part. But she’s patient, nice to people and thinks I’m hilarious. :laughing:

She had a favorite uncle with Sz so she isn’t surprised by some of my not so good days.



Love has entered your life again? If so congratulations.

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Yes, and your sister even predicted that back a few weeks,

“kidsister said:you are a very kind and tolerant person. Willing to help someone rather then cast them aside. I have a feeling you will be lucky in love again.”

Just dealing with the evil outside influences that always seem to try to interfere… but God is greater than b.s. of demons


Thank you, I will do so and take all this into consideration!

I appreciate your response,
Take care,

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Hopefully, with time, things will sort themselves out for both of us! Because it is very confusing and quite unpleasant really. I knew people who were very open about it and I just felt very different as I couldn’t relate at all.

Good luck!

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I missed whose birthday was coming so I’ll just say happy birthday!

Currently single although i was married from 1986-2005- when my wife died. Highly unlikely i’ll ever have another partner.

I’ve been single since birth.

Me twenty years but it has to be worth it so I’ll wait! Some more

looking for love, 32

happy b/day btw x

I’m 55, and I am single now. I’ve been in only one long term relationship, and I didn’t find it satisfactory. She was pretty, but she talked constantly about things I wasn’t interested in. She had no ideas - no poetry in her soul. To be honest, I don’t think she was very bright. She taught school and I delivered pizza for a living, so when I broke up with her some people didn’t like it. Sometimes I think it is pointless for me to try to socialize. I’m too withdrawn, too awkward, and I have come to like being solitary. God knows I have my faults. If I have any redeeming quality, it is that I’m a writer, and I have a lot of creative ideas. I’m on disability now, and my only prospects for Improvement are going to come from my writing. I won a few awards for my writing, but I have yet to make a really determined effort to produce something that will stay in print. I live in a group home, and I find it a good environment to write.

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I’m 23 and single. I’ve been in and out of long term relationships with very loyal partners, All These relationships were do to natural attractions. What I’ve gathered from my experiences is is that its fairly important to stay in the here and now with you’re partner/s until all of the emotional and physical needs are met and satisfied, sometimes i think to myself, it’s not that bad if you want to put you’re personal life on hold for a moment (a few weeks, couple months) its not even really an option to continue you’re personal life head strong when going into relationships.
It’s not easy drudging possible relationships when you have schizophrenia, i always get worried that i’ll attract negative spirits if i don’t figure out my significant others tendencies and otherwise lively hoods.
I want a relationship with another, to share and cherish the things we usually hide from everyone else.
be well
& Happy Birthday.

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Are you single?

Yep,… there is only one of me.


yes,i am single…and wish to remain that way…
i am 60 years old…