Are you on Disability?

I’m actually really worried about being on SSI still as I make around 40k/year but because of Covid I haven’t been able to get in contact with anyone from SS despite trying numerous times. I was put on it when I turned 18 as I wasn’t able to work due to my illness

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I am on SSDI. I worked for about 25 years.

3 months is so short. You’re lucky. I applied in 2018.

Well “lucky” is Abad choice of words

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I used to be on SSDI. Went back to work and lose it. I still have Medicare and still get my VA disability.


That’s a lot of money for the disabled

In my country you get 300-450 USD per month


I get pip finally after the fourth attempt.


Exactly today I was granted a disability pension here in Denmark after I have tried to work most of my life.

I feel relieved but sad. But there is hope. Im allowed to work beside my pension and the community can help me get a sheltered job.


Congratulation. I know it is difficul to be granted disability payment here in Denmark. I Hope you will Come to terms with it and find something meaningful to do.

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I need to apply for disability next month. My work insurance stop paying me end of this month.


I’m going to apply for disability. Before that I worked as a librarian and there Before I was studying. Took me 12 years to finish my MA in literature due to depressions and psychosis.

Thanks, @Flowerpot and good luck to you too, when it’s your turn

I wasn’t nervous before, but some random person on the internet (a danish community) just told me yesterday that I’m never gonna get it, because I’m only 36 and was able to work 2 hours a week before the summer. Sigh

I’m on SSDI and receive $1,890.00 a month. In my case a lawyer came to see me in the psychiatric hospital and asked me if I wanted him to get me disability. He sued Social Security, and that’s what they settled for. I had a good paying job maybe for twelve years, and after I got sick, I worked for minimum wage for maybe ten years.

I am on SSDI. It’s funny coz my dad, who is a lawyer, said I had no shot at getting it. Then my therapist said I should apply coz I could get it easily.

I have been on it for like 5 years now :smiley:

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I’m on Person With Disability (PWD). It’s provincial disability

I don’t know your work history @Flowerpot … If you have just some ability left to work, you should consider a sheltered job (fleksjob).

It’s hard finding the right sheltered job, but you are still young, there might be opportunities out there. I know disability is not the end, but something stops. You still have a lot of life ahead of you.

I just talked to my therapist about getting SSI. Hopefully the process will go smoothly…

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I’ve worked but i get ssi. recently they lowered my ssi but i wrote a good appeal and they raised it back. so fortunate!

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