Are you looking forward to the holidays?

Are you looking forward the holidays / New Year’s Eve?


Not really. We’ll be having relatives over again. I like them, but we have a small house and it is too small to hold 6 adults and 4 kids! I really have trouble with all the activity and noise. I will take a lot of alone time because it is required for me not to have a bad reaction.

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Every year I feel absolutely ecstatic and still full of dread about the holidays,

So, its a mix.

You want to see family, but you don’t want to field questions,

You want to get gifts for everyone, but don’t want to ship them,

Love the glowing Santa’s, hate that no one turns them off and the light gets in my eyes at night.

Its just a horrible mixed bag of emotions.


I’m going to be having a New Year’s Eve party because ms moonwalker wants to be more social. In some ways I think it will be something to look forward to, but i also dred the work and pressure to make it nice


I.totally forgot its december and christmas is coming. I have so many unsolved porblems in my head and i feel im loosing reality. Christmas is the last thing on my mind.

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I used to throw BIG Halloween and New Year’s parties,

Just plan, plan, plan!

Then you won’t have to worry the closer the date gets.

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Really am, love the Christmas spirit :yum:


It depends on my brother. Maybe I’ll be spending it at his place. He’ll let me know as inconveniently late as possible. Like christmas eve probably.

Yes!! No work!!!

Yes I am, love Christmas shopping!!!

Kinda but also not really I can’t really get anything for anyone and having to deal with family an extra day might be hard. But I do like Christmas I just feel this year may be hard.

Yes. But I don’t be getting much.



yes. i enjoy my family and good foods.

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I was raised Baha’i and I’m atheist, so no Christmas presents, but I hated missing out on that growing up, so we decided to give presents for New Years. So I’m looking forward to my daughter getting presents. I only got her a couple small things, but hopefully she’s excited getting to rip them open.

It is just time off, 4 days at home this year

Usually I really enjoy the holidays, but so much time in hospital this year, and the troopers showing up today twice to no doubt take me BACK to lockup…well, I just can’t seem to focus on the usual tasks of making candy or buying gifts. But I DID put up a Christmas tree, even tho I probably won’t be home on Christmas Day now to open the gifts. :unamused: Quick text, they’re here again, I guess I’ll just let them in…talk to y’all in a few weeks I guess. Wish me luck!

hell yeah!

We do Xmas day at my Sisters. Big house with pool and only house with little kids in our immediate family. I drink beer all day with my three little brothers and my brother in law and we eat till we are stuffed! In the early evening if the kids aren’t playing up with have a dip in the heated pool and then sleep like a champion.

Boxing day…is when the extended family come over to say hi and it’s the start of the Boxing Day Test which this year is England V Australia in the ashes so it’s one of the best days of cricket all year.

Yes. Great time of year!

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Well, yes, there’s that too. A valid point.

Definitely. Get to see my parents. Have nice Christmas dinner. Turn on some smooth John Coltrane or Chet Baker or something. Watch some movies with my Dad. Decorate the tree even though its fake and set up the childrens blocks nativity scene even though im borderline athiest. I like Christmas. Except this year is bs cause its been warm all this winter so far. I live in CO and its snowed once since September.