Are you happy waiting for New year?

What feelings do you have ?

We don’t celebrate Christmas, but we do a big gift giving day on New Years, so I’m excited for that.

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Very happy.

I have a vacation from work during holidays and im gonna enjoy my time off.


Of course I’m happy how else could I be?

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Yes, I’m pretty happy most all of the time. I’m happy waiting for the New Year.

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Not so much this year. I have been having a lot of anxiety and a lot of bad days. I am struggling with racing thoughts :thought_balloon: today was a tough day.

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Hope you will feel more calm and peace and get your knickers out of a knot as they say .

I am a bit worried because my bf and I were invited to spend New Year’s Eve at his friends place and it’s a sleepover and they all drink alcohol and I do not and I have difficulties socialising and social settings and being around most people for s linger period of time.
Even people I like and family.

Not sure if I will give it a shot but what if I needed to leave and I could not find my way back home alone.

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Like every year before, I hope for better things to happen and try my best to be doing things to make it happen for me and those around me.

I want time to stop for a while I’m scared of the future.

I could give can ■■■■ about the new year.just more bs.

Day off from work!!

I love symbolism, so I love the idea of a new year with new possibilities. I desperately need to lose weight, so I’m all ready with my New Years resolutions to eat less/better and exercise more.

I’m ready for a fresh start! :slight_smile:

My new years resolution is to do more drugs. A lot more until i feel nothing

It kind of scars me when I think about the new year because I have struggled this year. I am still happy though because if have made it this far to another year.

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Just another nite I go to bed early. Sleep a lot so always get up at 5am or so. In bed by 7pm usually…and rarely woken up these days by shenanigans!


Good wishes for you in finding a place to live and s home.

Wishing you a better New year.


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