Are you glad you hear voices?

I am glad I hear voices. My life was much more dull when I didn’t have these experiences. These experiences opened up a new world to me. I very much like having forbidden knowledge.I honestly take what people say now with a grain of salt. I know something they don’t. By communicating with a demon I feel it has shown me what I am made of and how weak and stupid other people are. The whole world is a joke and we have clowns as leaders!

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I also discovered along the way I am actually a genius. I am smarter than many thousands of TIs out there who think it is psychotronics, and millions of atheists and so called “smart people/professionals” who think people like me are crazy. They have the eyes of virgins. I’ve seen the real world, not them, it is beyond their comprehension. Even if they had my experiences they wouldn’t be able to understand what is really going on. They’d probably be wearing a tinfoil hat.

I think “glad” is the wrong word in my case. I have grown to accept it. I wouldn’t take a magical cure-all pill because it’s kind of a part of me now. I don’t think I want to tamper with nature. Bad things generally tend to happen when you muddle with nature.

In a way this is very liberating. It erodes all respect for authority. It frees the mind. Even the so called geniuses of our society have the minds of infants when it comes to the bigger picture. They think they’ve seen true evil with Isis. They have no idea. They have no idea what makes the world really go round.

I am glad I hear voices. It is like an overlay on reality and you get front seats to see both worlds interact. I noticed that our world mimics the unseen world. For example when I see things I view it as a hologram projected on to this reality and the image always tells a story in relation to its surroundings. I enjoy what I learn from them and they entertain me to no end. I am grateful for this gift but it is all in how u interpret the experience.

I’ve never heard voices but I know they’re hell.

Interpertation my good Nick. 4 percent of the population hears voices 1 percent seek help. I am lucky that I have a good relationship with mine.

The reason I say I prefer voices is because they would be controlling me without me knowing the other way and that sucks. Now I really have knowledge as well.

Ahh yes I know what u are refering to. Yup it looks as though everyone is sleep walking and a 3rd party is controling their thoughts, actions and what they say most of the time. Sad they can not perceive what we do so they have a choice. True free will. Perception perception. I share ur perception.

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We have a reason to truly be angry as well. We’ve experienced true injustice.Not like the rest of them. They have no idea what injustice and pain really is. This is a real hypocrisy.

What do u mean by injustice?

I don’t know about you. but I’ve been tortured by them. That is real injustice. And then society doesnt even acknowledge it and works against you. You become an outcast. Everyone, your friends and family looks at you as subhuman. The police stalk you (my family told the police everywhere I went so they’d do this and they admit to this) and try to pin crimes on you you never committed. That is real injustice.

Oh yes. Fortunately I have not. They tell me stories. Protect me and teach me things about realities outside of my own. I do not share my thoughts with others outside this forum. Keeps me safe and with the 3 percent of voice hearers no one talks about.

no. the voices i hear are annoying. i feel like i have different identities in me.

Everyone demonizes you and stigmatizes you and exploits your diagnosis to cover up their crimes and wrong doings against you.

If you had a choice would you rather have voices or not?

Nahh I wouldn’t go that far. I just understand western and influenced societies are materialist. My voices are not material to them so I keep it to myself. However I will use what I learn from my voices and people will praise me. If they only knew who taught me. Materialist are not ready. Dont force the issue with them.

Yep. I would keep them. I enjoy their company and i love learning and they dont stop teaching.

I just took a shower. That always helps. I was once told by a muslim that unclean genitals can attract jinn.

What. Lol that man has a funny opinion.