Are you for or against medication?

Im currently on 20mg olanzapine but its not doing me much good. Im still paranoid and anxious. Are you for or against medication?

Very much for meds
That paranoia anxiety might ease off in time


I honestly thought I had a chance of doing well with a really low dose of Risperdal - I was in denial - for a while I was doing OK but soon I started to unravel - my moods and cognition was taking a hit, so I raised my Risperdal dose over the 2 mg mark - I am going to be on 2.5 mg dose of Risperdal soon.

I am definitely for meds, for myself - I cannot function with even a low dose of antipsychotic medication - being on NO meds, would land me in the Hospital for a while.

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I don’t like the med’s, but I know I have to take them. I don’t like them because they deprive me of so much strength, but I know what happens when I don’t take them. I’ve also seen what happens when other people don’t take their med’s.


I’m pro meds, but personally don’t want to be on them. My chemistry must be different then other people, because I’ve never had a med that alleviated me from my symptoms.

Before I went sz I entertained every notion that came to mind. That lead me to construct a pretty horrifically fantastic reality once the voices started.

Now I don’t entertain things to the same extreme. I still have the thought but there is no belief behind it.

Really I battle with one main delusion and hallucinations that support it. Then there are the voices. I believe I could live with this without meds so long as I don’t take any illegal drugs.

Still on meds for now though, rather be safe then sorry.

From what I understand psych meds could take awhile to take effect so you start feeling positive effects.I chose to not take them for years because when I tried them they made it worse.

The pdoc said that was normal and I had to endure it to eventually get the positive effects.I just couldnt do that because they also said psych meds are a hit or miss so my mental condition could get worse because the meds at which point they would switch them and id keep going through that until I hit the correct one.

Sometimes though it takes a combination of meds which could take yrs to get right.But now that im experienceing the worst delusion yet im going to see a dedicated schizophrenia doc and prolly try the synthetic route.

Maybe in time yours will kick in.

They’re the best solution available.

I’m for meds, they have helped me a lot but recently I’ve struggled. Need an adjustment soon!

I’m for something that actually works! I’m also for a physiological test for schizophrenia!

Although i’ve been on meds so long I forgot what it was to like before I went on them!

I’m for the right medication. If Zyprexa isn’t working for you, there are plenty of alternatives. Talk to your doctor and try something else if it isn’t working.

I love my anxiety medicine! #shifty eyes#
and I really do miss my abilify, so yeas I am for medication.
I think it can be misused. or it can make things worse,
and a lot of it doesn’t have long histories, so it can be dangerous
like it was for me, but oh well! whatcha gunna do!

im only for meds short term, more work in intensive therapy as well as figuring things out yourselves is better than becoming reliant on meds that also bring along unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects.

for some people i advocate taking meds. for others, if they function better without them then fine. for myself i have no idea and i’m not prepared to take the risk until my kids have finished school, so at least another 3 years yet. unfortunately i’m a single parent so need to be level headed enough to get up for school, take them, organize them to get ready, pick them up from work and school, cook meals, chuck them in the general direction of the bathroom and hope they get clean lol, dentists, dr’s, food, clothes, shoe shopping, clean the house when i’m able. alot of these things have to be done every day so i need to be on an even keel to get them done so i can’t risk not taking meds until they can organize themselves. i will try it one day but not for the foreseeable future.

I am for medication.

I am cautiously for medication but realise that currently available meds are far from a perfect solution.


I am pro meds. I couldn’t function without them and would lose everything I’ve gained if I stopped. I know this because early on in my diagnosis I stopped taking my meds and I was sick a lot longer than I should have been because of it.

Hey @karl
Olanzapine Zyprexa did nothing for me either except quickly gain 30 pounds.

But there are many more to try until you find the one that helps You.

They all feel a little different so keep trying and don’t give up hope.

I am for medication with people who cannot function without medication and has symptoms…I take low dose of abilify and 30mg mirtazapine,the mirtazapine has helped my depression a lot and my low dose of abilify probably increase the effect of mirtazapine…now I function more normally and stable,I am contend

For it because we need it.

If there wasnt Gmo food, pollution and stressfull life, we wouldnt need medication at all,