Are you for or against medication?

I hope you do well once you go up to 2.5— now you know whats good for you. I havent came to the conclusion if i am going to stay on 1mg raise it or lower it. One day i will make changes again, and i will finally settle down.

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Thanks @Mindwhisperer - I guess everyone is different - Hey you cannot say I didnt try! :smile:
Best of luck to you on the 1 mg dose !

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I am pro-med… I would love to get stronger and healthier and not need them. But I do need them… and so I take them…

And I’m grateful they work so well. Right meds… in the right balance…

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I hate taking meds, but without them, i think i would spend the rest of my life in a hospital, or worse. Not everyone needs meds i suppose, but for me, i know i do. I know what i am like when i am off meds, and it is not a pretty picture.
If your meds are not working properly yet, there are so many choices out there, so don’t give up.

I just hate taking them without them having any effect on my symptoms.

Against if you can ‘function’ without them , for if you can’t.

ill lose everything in life , be on streets, probably be killed.


There are side-effects I don’t like about medication, although in my case these are indistinguishable from negative symptoms, such that it’s hard to tell whether they are even due to the meds or not. Without meds I can deal fairly well with hallucinations and delusions, except for paranoid perceptions. I enjoyed battling and winning from these symptoms, and even though it felt like the most important thing in my life, I now think such struggles do not objectify and the time they consume could be spend on more valuable, shareable projects. I feel a bit like Don Quixote: yes I can battle my hallucinations and delusions, and I might be able to win - but who cares if you have defeated a windmill? Regardless of the waste of time, I feel uncomfortable letting raging psychoses wreck my brain, as research indicates. I trust what is shown by research and it is shown that psychosis does more damage to the brain than medicine. So I prefer taking care of myself, having peace of mind and the opportunity to spend my time and energy on valuable projects. Meds give me a real life of value.