Are you emotionally numb? (poll)

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I dont feel any emotions, if anyone talks i just say a word or two, its been months when i smiled at something. The only emotion i feel is anxiety and nothing else. Even orgasms are just meh. Is it the medication? Antidepressants dont do anything, so stopped taking them. I am literally dead inside

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I feel blunted, I know my emotions aren’t as strong as they used to be.

I can still recognize them, But it can take me a bit to sort them out.

I was before I started taking Cymbalta, but now I can feel a thing or two, even cried a little once or twice. Felt joy. Maybe not all the way but better than I was before. Pretty good.

I smiled last week. It felt like it was the first time in my life. It was about a meal on a plate. I also felt angry for the first time. I can now say “I don’t work.” and can feel it is understood.
It might be because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The pain has also been worse but I have meds to relieve it. I feel there might be some hope for some sort of fulfillment, now.

I don’t know for sure. I felt dead inside yesterday, but ok today.

I feel blunted, Luke there’s a bandaid on my emotions. But I do still have them

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I feel emotions but they are normally bad ones. I feel like I am trying to get out of feeling awful all day. Wish I could go back to feeling happy all day long.

As numb as one can be. I don’t even feel anxiety.

No. I used to be on higher doses of meds. I felt very numb and zombielike. I thought my emotions would never come back. Now i lowered the dose of meds (in cooperation with my mh team) i think i get more and more emotions back, though im still slightly blunted compared to my past. But even with the slight blunting im at times more emotional than average i think. Maybe too much so.

If anything - i can get too emotional over stuff, that people would wonder why im laughing or crying. Music brings it out in me alot. You can always tell what mood im in by my Spotify Playlist.

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I’m very flat. Antidepressants have helped a little.

To be honest I’m looking foward to switching to aripiprazole. Paliperidone has made me so flat.

yeah, I think it’s the meds too

I’ve been told on Facebook by a real a-hole
that women can’t lead cuz they’re too emotional
because they get a period

I can’t say that’s ever been true for me.

Aripriprazole gave me back my mind and emotions. I hope it does it for you too.


I have no emotions anymore because of all the AP’s I’m on. I prefer it this way. Without meds, I am overly emotional to the extreme.

I really was never an emotional person. I haven’t really changed since going on ap’s except I don’t get irrationally angry anymore

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