Emotionally blank

They say emotions are the juice of life.

Since I have been on medication I forgot about my emotions… i forgot to feel or care for people and things around me… I am just blank.

Why does this happen?


I’m emotionally blank too. I have zero emotions. My lover just broke up with me, (again), and I feel nothing. Maybe in my case, that’s a good thing. Because the alternative is probably suicide. Or at least the ideations and plans.


I’m pretty blank myself. It’s really annoying. I want to enjoy things.


I think part of it is how we grow as people, and there’s also that we often compare ourselves to how others emotionally react. I think it’s worth more to have rare, genuine emotional reactions than it is to fake feelings. I’ve been there, and I am not too publicly emotional, but I do have feelings, so for me it’s a case of not always expressing them. Sometimes we might all feel alienated so we just don’t express ourselves is my guess.


Yeah, i have days where i don’t feel any emotion. Then my partner gets worried, he thinks i’m going to go catatonic again or he things my mood is low. It is annoying having to reassure him that those things aren’t going to happen. I should be more grateful that he cares, i know. But i just feel ashamed. I don’t want any vulnerabilities, and don’t like it when they’re pointed out to me.


I have much less emotions since being on meds and i hate it. I used to be a deeply emotional, sensitive person and want my feelings back. I especially want to feel for people as i used to. It was my reason for quitting meds all the time.

It is a regular effect of the medication i think.


Sometimes its meds sometimes it another issues that is undefined as well.

I’m glad I’m not as emotional as I was off meds. I was a wreck.
The only downside is I haven’t been able to cry since I started Invega. I miss having a good cry.

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I’ve become emotionally dulled. Unless you count “worrying” as an emotion. But it was the same off meds.

At least abilify has an antidepressant effect so that helps me not mind it.

Before I was on all the meds that I’m on now, I was too emotional. To the point of being suicidal 24/7. Now, I have no emotions. And I prefer no emotions over that.

Blank here too


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