Are you concerned that there's a lack of "meaning" in your life?

My life seems to have no meaning in it. But I’m surviving and happy most days.

Am I missing out?

Are you concerned about a lack of meaning?


Hope and a future give me life and meaning.


Thank you for this post, it’s really made me think deeply and question myself.

I spent seven years (damn!) of my life trying to find a spiritual meaning for life and squeeze it out of every drop of existence. Those were seven years of time I could’ve been mastering life. I didn’t master life. I didn’t find lasting meaning. I was a spiritual junkie. I just went in circles like a dog chasing his tail, and found many people who are willing to tell you anything about yourself and your place in the universe if it’ll earn them money/prestige. It all went back to my ego, and was never about an interdependent worldview that can actually create feelings of being worthwhile and purposeful.

If there is meaning, it is in our connection as human beings, not out in the stars, but here, right now. Being married and constantly around someone else, although it is not without its challenges, has given me deeper insight into the meaning that humans can have when we affect each other. We can create a world where we truly give each other a really rad experience, or one that’s hell, and that is where the meaning comes in. The times in my life where I have felt the most meaning and purpose for being alive have been with someone else, engaged in love and connection, when I am giving back and accepting love.

In my experience, the more we search for meaning, the more life just passes us by. I never found an answer but I’m better than I was then, even though I feel less bliss and spiritual awe than I did then, because I’m less confused and lost. I feel more satisfied with day do day existence even though I never found out the Big Meaning of It All.


Sometimes I wish I was doing something really great in my life. Something really cool that makes a difference in the world that maybe not many people are doing. Something out of the ordinary that is a really great accomplishment. But in reality, I’m like you @everhopeful, I’m surviving and happy or content most days and that makes me happy and content to be happy and content.


I used to think I want to make a huge impact on the world,
now I realise that is not me.

I am a believer in this quote



I believe there is no ultimate meaning to life (eg. i don’t believe in god or any of the stories in the bible), but i do believe that you life can obtain meaning nonetheless. It is the meaning that YOU decide to give it that matters. Life’s meaning can be anything you want it to be. It can be bold and brass or simple and small, both are okay. I particularly love the quote @anon90843118 has - if you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way. So very true.


Like John Locke (from “Lost”), I used to think I was special. Not sure why. Perhaps, I was thinking about life. I believe we live in a computer simulation. Would that make life special or unspecial? What about the anthropic principle? Is life just a small probability or a random occurrence? I don’t think life is special anymore. I think we live in a computer simulation. I believe in God though.

I’m not a nihilist or solipsistic.

For me, the meaning of life is understanding how to escape my time loop and understand all the theories of the universe. And to let go. That I cannot change my past nor my future. That the future is not my issue. What goes on in life I just have to ignore.

I think accomplishments in life are very crucial to the meaning and value of my life. I would like to have a career whether I work for myself or some small company. Like a computer engineer or computer programmer. I would like enough money to support myself and then some.

If it’s God, then my life has purpose and meaning and value. If it’s some advanced intelligence running the simulation, then I have no hope. I get confused about which one runs it. I’m trying to believe in Christianity for my own sake and mental health.


I used to care about finding meaning but life is not that serious.

I no longer care. My life is meaningful enough, I do a lot of small things like my blog, self-care, some creativity, talking with my friends, having someone to love. My purpose in life is having a good day every day and finding the right balance.


Mitigating harm whether the environment, being nice to people and leaving having been a kind person means a lot.

In the current capitalist society there are few who seem to qualify for the above. I have found people generally to be very self-serving, exploitative and focused on competition with each other so badly, that basic manners and kindness are ignored.

Edit: Leave the world in a better place than when you came to it…


i wish my life did have meaning, or at least im searching for it, like what @Joker saidbeing nice to people is somemeaning…i should try to endeavour to be nicer to people i meet in the outside world and also look after animals!

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for many years i used to think (deludedly) that i was destined to be President and change the wolrd as the Son of God, but that delusion finally cracked…now i dont even think i have the ability to be a security guard…how things have changed…i mean no disrespect to security guards but i used to work as one and it was so easy with little stress

anway from how far i have fallen, once ambitions to be President to my current situation where by i am thinking of becoming a street cleaner for the local council!

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Do you not have any plans for the future? You should plan a holiday or look at college courses or something.

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I’ve often been concerned about a lack of meaning in my life. My life is meaningless. I just watch TV and use the internet day and night.

I’d really like to have a good desk job, a house, a car and a wife and three kids along with some dogs and cats. They’re probably too hard for me to ever achieve.

I know I shouldn’t be sitting at home being a fat ass. I need a job to give me meaning but right now I won’t look for work due to the coronavirus.


Oh, back in the day before my Schizophrenia I was deep, loving, kind, down to earth, smart and laid back — over the years of depression n such I feel like I’m made of plastic…


Developing a skill that I can share is important to me, whether it’s piano lessons or folding clothes, doesn’t matter.


funny you ask everhopeful. because i wonder sometimes if my soul is doing o.k.

similar issue.


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also everhopeful i’d like to say that achieving happiness most days even though the sz struggle is quite an accomplishment. kudos to you. judy


I am concerned sometimes because I lack direction and focus, and being isolated I feel heavy at times. But - I also feel hope! I feel like I can start working again soon, I just pray for a small and not heavy work, something I can manage easily. Already it helps to check this forum and read all wonderful members’ posts.

As long as there is motion and development in my life, I feel blessed. I’m glad I feel like tvinga are gonna get better.


To live the life I want for me, is my meaning. To live and let live. To laugh through life and all the way to the grave. To not fear death, to not fear the unknown, to not fear being forgotten. To go onward even if I do it alone. Everyday is a new quest. Enjoy it.


I find meaning in the little things every day. Some of them not so healthy like pipe and cigar smoking. Or the more healthy things like going birding or studying the Civil War. Meaning is an abstraction carved in soap. Don’t chip away at the rocks.