Having trouble with grasping meaning in my life

I am kind of lost. I had a discussion about God in group therapy today and the counselor of the group is atheist. I don’t mind his wanting to argue about it but it kind of shook me up more than I thought because right now I feel as if there is nothing in my life that has meaning. I care for my girlfriend and our dogs and I do my housework. I lay in bed a lot. I see no meaning to any of it. I feel lost. I know I’ve already said that before but I wish there was SOMETHING to do in my life. I considered going to volunteer for the dog pound but I think that would depress me even more? I don’t even know what I expect from this post. Does your life have meaning?

Meaning of life… well this is an issue I struggle a lot with too. Right now the meaning that I’m giving to my life is living one day a time. I start by counting my accomplishments, what I did that was meaningful to myself. Like quitting drugs and alcohol for example.

I also love watching sunsets and sunrises, gives me that kind of meaning that is just to exist to see it, you know what I mean?

Maybe go for a walk in nature and ponder what kind of meaningful things you can do for yourself?


My life doesn’t have any meaning really, i’m like you when it comes to spending a lot of time just laying in bed i do that. I’m trying to talk myself into doing something but I always put it off and to be honest I don’t really want to do it then again i don’t want to do anything. I’m hoping in the future my life will turn around but that will take many years.

why would an atheist make your life seem meaningless? aren you a believer?

as for me my life has no meaning since all of the dreams i have had were crushed. from all the wishes to have certain girls, friends a certain job, become famous and whatnot they were all unreachable for me. and i know that i cant become younger and go back in time so all the stuff is gone and the future seems just as pointless dreams without a fullfillment. i know this is normal to have your dreams to be stepped on, but not to such a degree as i have had. for me litereally nothing has been fullfilled. while most of the people at least have some fullfillment in life. my siblings have had many such wish fullfillments unlike me.

Philosophers since time immemorial have grappled with the question of life’s meaning. Personally, I think “meaning” is a human concept. Life, for all kinds of beings, from bacteria to dinosaurs, to humans, and so forth has come and gone for billions of years. Man has the unique “gift” of having the ability to sit down and contemplate existence. Our life doesn’t even register as a blip on the universal radar. To think there is “something more” to my life seems a little idealistic.


I struggled a lot with meaning in my life when I couldn’t work for a year. I took up hobbies. That helped give me something to feel proud of. I learned to cook, and I felt like, even if I couldn’t contribute financially to my relationship, at least I could make dinner for us most nights.It didn’t solve the problem totally, but it did help a little bit. I also learned to make apple butter, and I gave some to all my family for Christmas. I’m a very externally focused person, so having people praise my ability to do something well was very important for me.

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I don’t think arguing with the atheist made my life meaningless. I am firm in my faith, but I wish there was more to this life than what I have in it?

I think cooking might be what I need to do more. I used to cook all the time when I had money so that’s what I’m thinking I will do to “improve the meaning” in my life.


Maybe it gives meaning to your life to struggle to find out what the meaning of it is. The meaning could be to ponder your existence and wonder how to enhance it. There is a lot to be said for getting into the simple pleasures. Enjoy playing your guitar. Enjoy watching a sunset. Enjoy the Fall scenery. You shouldn’t beat yourself up for experiencing the negative symptoms of sz.

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I think that cooking is an excellent way to find meaning in life. I read an article recently about a study in which people found meaning in having a routine in their lives. Shopping for dinner, cooking it and cleaning up after would give you a routine. You could research recipes. It would improve your health as well. When I came out of a deep depression I found new meaning in cooking for my family.

I also think that regular exercise is another way to add meaning to life and again improves your health as well.


thank you ! I am already planning on making one of my favorite cajun dishes (Jambalay) soon. I like your post a lot. Oh, if I could start exercising ! wonderful advice.

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I really am having trouble with my life today. It just seems so pointless to keep facing this empty life I have. I have boundaries and walls in front of me keeping me from taking my life but I really wish I would just die. I tried to quit smoking again today and again I find myself in front of a sack of cigarettes I just bought. God so help me I can’t face this life much longer. Anyone on this board that is christian please help me. My prayers seem stifled and little in this great big universe of pain.

I feel better now. I called my sister and she talked me into going to church on Sunday. It’s been too long since I went to church and it made me feel loved to hear from my sister. Sorry for being so down on here. I know a lot of you don’t need this.

It’s a support group. That’s what we’re here for. Glad you’re feeling better :slight_smile:

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Hey Jukebox…

I’ve been meaning to apologize for our bruhaha last month. I had a med reduction and wasn’t quite myself.

I was rude to Ish and you stood up for her, and then I was rude to you. I sincerely apologize to both of you for this.

You’re an interesting cat imo…an architect/musician/cook…etc. you’ve got a lot of cool things going on there…more than your average bear. I hope you snap out of your funk and things pick up for you. I actually like your posts and hope any damage I’ve caused will be forgiven and we can both carry on in a civil manner from now on.

Saright? Saright! :wink:

Sincerely, Patrick

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dear Patrick, I appreciate your apology. I already forgave you a long time ago and I have avoided talking to your posts but I won’t from now on. You are a well achieved chap and I admire you for your wonderful life you lead. You and Pixel should meet up. he’s a really good friend to me. He sent me a DVD player one time even. Anyways, thanks friend.



Life is meaningless when we are just all about ourselves only. I could be Heaven all alone and it would still feel like I were in Hell.

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I need your honest feelings. I relate and you sharing helps me feel less isolated.
I feel my purpose is to make cartoons and music for a while in life… to feed souls along the way the best I can and to nurture my self. Not always in that order.

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Everyone has a NECESSARY place in life, it may not be what we thought it could be or what it should be but AFTERWARDS the means will justify the end.@

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I never really see any life as having meaning… I ponder the effect my life has on others… is it positive or negative…

I ponder the act of getting through my day the best I can… we all are… we all try to do our best with the day we’re given.

I think meaning is a very hard thing to define… different things hold meaning for different people.

I don’t see your life as meaningless… you have a Gf who has stood by you… so there is love in your life… that’s not meaningless… you have family on your side. When you feel stronger… who knows if a volunteer opportunity will come your way…

We can’t see the future…so guessing and worrying doesn’t help.

I’m rooting for you…