Are you angry about it?


just wondering if anybody was angry about getting sz,

i’ve never really been angry, ‘just one of those things’ i say to myself

a poor unfortunate event that cannot be controlled :frowning:


Yes… YakDip smash!!!


I’m the same most of the time… I realize I’ve lost a LOT of things, like time - happiness - friends - events - but it just is what it is, I’m not sure what else to think of it. There are a couple times it has gotten to me though… in a rage kind of way… but that was healthy… and after screaming my lungs out was motivated to try something completely different.


Not angry, not much point in my being angry I guess. Disappointed, yeah, feeling like I got the short end of the stick. Still, others have it much worse than I do so I can’t get too worked up about it. It’s just something that happened.


No, not really. …I’m nothing about it. I do what I can do.


Found out today i’m being enrolled in literacy classes in September. There was a time I could read extremely well. :books:


When I see what is expected out of poeple in life. And is expected of me also, but I have to put in extra dealing with Schizophrenia and Medication. It makes me angry. No body ever asks me how my scizophrenia is today. But I think because what my family expects out of me makes me do as much as is expected from me out of life as I can.


i get tired…but i am more angry about the depression, and my constant back pain…etc…than sz.
take care


I’m more angry at how others perceive it.


I’ve never been angry about it. But I went into sz with a different perspective.

My mom had sz. And I grew up with her being completely unmedicated and very symptomatic all the time. It was constant chaos.

So when I found out that I had sz, I felt lucky that I had the opportunity to get treatment. And make my life as positive as possible with the many therapies available.

And I feel that being a patient, and on the receiving end of care, has made me a much better and empathetic nurse. So I see that as a blessing.




I had a deep anger phase when I was younger. But as I’ve gotten older, stable and wiser, (clean and sober) I’m not angry any more.

It is what it is… can’t change it.

I never want to romanticize this illness, but the way Sz shaped my life… in some areas turned out to be OK.


Could be because of your medicine + the classes will frustrate you. Could be you will do well. Sounds kind of demoralizing. If you wanted to take the classes, that’s one thing -


Yes I’ve been angry about my suffering. I think it is great that somebody doesn’t ever get angry.


I’m going to be very upset if I relapse again and have to start at square one again. I don’t know if I have one more recovery in me.


I agree @darksith, I’m more tired and upset than angry. I often wonder why me, what else can go wrong, but I don’t want to dare ask that question out loud because knowing my luck I’d find out what else can go wrong the minute the words spill out of my mouth.


Well maybe you will do very well in this class because you used to read so much.


Hey Yak, did you go out to dinner with your mom?


Hey thanks for asking :slight_smile: Sure did, got a cheeseburger, they call them butterburgers, way good.

Take care Nick!


i think it is a good thing that most people that has posted are not angry about it because whats the point of being bitter, you just end up like a sad bitter old man/woman if you get angry, miserable and it just makes things even worse.

when i was diagnosed i just accepted it right away because i knew something was wrong anyway and i knew deep down that i wasn’t thinking right, it was just the meds i had a problem with as i wasn’t expecting the medication when i went into hospital the first time but i have learnt to tolerate the meds and now i kind of rely on them to get me through the day symptom free.


I harbor a LOT of resentment towards psychiatrists. I’ve seen a fair number over the years, and ALL of them diagnosed me off of symptoms only. Only recently did I see a neurologist who found that I DON’T have schizophrenia, but a form of epilepsy. All that time wasted. I’m now on an anti-seizure pills and all my “schizophrenic symptoms” are gone. Hell yes I am mad!