Are you also a caffeine addict

I had no coffee in few days and then I started feeling weird and decided to have coffee, this helped. Well I have had coffee since my childhood. I suppose many people are addicts like myself and you?


Top 50 Coffee Consuming Countries

Finland: 9.6 kg per capita
Norway: 7.2 kg per capita
Netherlands 6.7 kg per capita
Slovenia: 6.1 kg per capita
Austria: 5.5 kg per capita
Serbia: 5.4 kg per capita
Denmark: 5.3 kg per capita
Germany: 5.2 kg per capita
Belgium: 4.9 kg per capita

If I don’t drink at least one up of coffee a day, by the second day I get a very bad headache that will last 2-3 days or until I drink a cup again.
Caffeine withdrawal is one of the reasons I hated going to the hospital-they wouldn’t serve any drinks with caffeine in them.

In my psych ward they allow people to make their own coffee. They also serve the afternoon coffee with some snack.

The only thing to look forward to in the one lousy psych hospital I got stuck in was the words being shouted "Snack Time."
It was the only time I got out of bed.

Caffeine addict here. Tried going without coffee, didn’t take. Still drinking it.

I try not to have more than 3 cups a day. If I don’t limit my consumption I get anxiety.

I need to have my morning coffee to start the day, I try not to have any coffee in late afternoons in order to sleep better.

Yes I am addicted to my morning super kick coffee. It’s 4 tablespoons of grounds brewed into one 16oz mug. With sugar. Jump starts my brain and also counteracts the propranolol from lowering my blood pressure too low. I wake up physically weak and mentally confused and psychotic and slightly agitated. Once the coffee and meds all settle, I’m awake, alert, and my blood pressure is a decent 135/75. It’s probably high right now. I can feel a little cloudy in the head and I can also feel my vitals are high.

Well once it all settles and kicks in I’m fine. It’s just a vullshit routine I have to go through. It’s usually three hours from when I wake up to when I am back to homeostasis.

I had to learn about it for my anatomy class, and your posts about your meds did help me understand it better :smile:

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Yes, my situation clearly illustrates it! Just felt my homeostasis come back. I had thrown up and chocked back down my breakfast and meds, now they’re kicking and I feel great!

Have you already went to a doc to check on that?

i need coffee, in the morning or some kind of caffeine or i’m drowsy and exhausted especially after taking my morning and afternoon pills.

I’m getting an endoscopy soon, yes

Good luck with that. It has to suck your stomach acting up every morning

Perhaps citizens of countries with cold winters need more coffee than the tropical countries? IDK. I noticed many in my country prefer Black coffee (with less caffeine) over flavoured Coffee.

Personally I enjoy milk tea the most which also contains caffeine.

Yes caffeine is my strongest vice, cant go a day without it

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I have 2-3 cups in the morning. I have 1-2 cups around 12. Sometimes black, sometimes with milk.

i went around 2 weeks without it, , realised the benefits of coffee far outweigh abstaining from it

I drink too much black coffee. Sometimes as much as five cups a day.