Are you able to live off of disability?

I used to live with my mom, but she’s dead now. I moved out on my own back in 2008.

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Ive lived on disability since jan 2011 ive lived on my own since may 2012 and it was real ruff for years i used food bank alot…cause i used to be a huuuuge pothead but havent smoked in 2 and a half years now then i quit smoking cigs… now i can literally save 300$ a month if i had a job i would be doing sooo great

I’m on SSDI and get a little public assistance, rental assistance, and food stamps. I was irresponsible with credit cards 20 years ago and had to declare bankruptcy, so now I am VERY careful with my budget. I live month to month but always put excess money at the end of each month into a savings account. I use the food bank a bit each month and when I shop I always bring a list to resist impulse buys, plus trying to get reduced/generic brands. I try not to use my credit cards at all now…my credit score now is 820, but it really doesn’t matter since I don’t use it very often. The biggest thing, I think, is recognizing the need to live within my means…

I’m on SSDI
With my husband and living with my mom we do well enough we’re trying to pay off a lot of debt though my mom decided she’s passing her house to me so we’ll do okay even without her

They dont think im low functioning enough to be put on disability payments. Even though i have a life long mental disorder of sza. And really bad social anxiety.

I’m married, so we live on hubby’s income plus my disability. My only child under 18 has disability comp from mine, so she gets pretty much whatever she wants. I try to pretend like it’s for something she did, but honestly, she’d get it either way…

With inflation, my income is not sufficient. I’d love to work a little bit, but I’m just working on not being in my room all the time and also going outside a little. Our puppy is helping with that. I hope to eventually bring in about $400-500/month.

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And everyone thinks Canada has such great social programs.

[ snorts ]

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A family member of mine is on disability with no other income. They are living in sliding scale housing (housing based on income). Their food stamps (EBT) was cancelled due to a paperwork error, and though that happened three months ago, they still don’t have money for food. They had to make some repairs on their very old vehicle and luckily knew someone who didn’t charge much. But they are living off their one credit card right now. They always kept that for emergencies but have no options right now. This month, their electric bill also went up from under $100 to $180. That’s how much mine is in a three bedroom townhouse with four people! They are in a one bedroom that’s 1/3 the size of my place. They are currently eating one meal a day, usually something like a can of stew. They have dropped two sizes. No, definitely can’t live on disability.

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I was able to work for about 20 years and much of it was good paying jobs, so my SSDI is not too bad. Combine that with low rent (HUD), discounted utilities, I’m going to declare bankruptcy so very few credit card bills are getting paid, and I don’t get much EBT but there’s that too and finally but most important I have Medicare and Medi-cal and rarely have to pay for medicine.

Yep, I can live off it, and help feed a needy family here in my complex plus frequently feed my 2 adult children.

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Have worked since 2005 with only one year off (last year of college).

From what I’ve seen online, my SSDI is a couple hundred bucks less than the national average.

Not complaining though, since I know it’s extremely difficult to qualify for disability— ended up being approved with no lawyer the second time I applied after waiting 2.5ish years between applications.

Living at home, so a lot of major expenses are covered, thankfully.

Still have to pay personal bills and stuff, but what I receive each month typically gets me by.

Very thankful overall.


in the US here. i get SSDI and be aware that not only will they pay you below the poverty line but they will put you on medicare which if you want any actual coverage you need an expensive package. i live with my partner (who is on SSI and therefore gets EVEN LESS and has an asset limit) and we’re having to rely on friends and family to reliably eat. i get food stamps but they dropped it by over half when they quit the covid max.

if you get on SSDI only youll probably be okay if you have roommates, live with family, or are still working. if youre on SSI you NEED to be living with someone. and i hope you dont want to get married because your benefits WILL be cut. the only upside to SSI is you can be on medicaid, which you dont have to pay for. keep in mind that on SSI though theyll also be tracking your bank account.

and if youre confused about SSI vs SSDI, SSI is what you get if you didnt “pay into the system” (ie work) and SSDI is what you get if you “payed enough into the system”. your ability to live and exist as a human is tied to your capacity for work. its ■■■■■■.


Day to day living is good BUT if there is a big purchase or emergency I am in trouble as it is hard to have a good savings. E.g. if my fridge was to stop working, I wouldn’t be able to afford a new one.

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I have enough to survive. Nothing more. Then again I’m on SSI which many consider welfare. I’ll assure you though that schizophrenia caused me to be on it.

I’m able to make it the month. I get the max ssi, hud apartment, food stamps, and I apply and get accepted in to the Home Energy Assistance Program. I don’t have money put away, but I’m able to cover my living costs and buy some items I may want or need. I roll my own cigarettes too so it’s a little over $50 maybe $60 a month.

I live with my parents and I can’t work because I have fear of people. If I wouldn’t live with my parents it would be difficult to survive.

Yes disability is just enough

No .I get disability and started working.

I think if I post my circumstances people would be pis$ed if they are struggling.

I’m in Austalia and live with my dad. I live a good life. It’s different to most but my expenses are covered and I can still have enough disposable income to cause a ruckus. I share bills with dad so about half my fortnightly pay goes to him which is cool. My parents helped me out years ago when I lived overseas for a couple of years so I figure it’s just paying them back.

It’s nice not having to worry about the stress of working but I’d recommend doing something volunteer or sporting to help with motivation and stuff.