How many parents on here?

I was curious about parents on this forum.

  1. Do you have special challenges in parenting because of your diagnosis? What are they?

  2. Do your children share your diagnosis (or signs of it to come)?

  3. How has having a diagnosis of sz or sza affected your decision to have children (or more children if diagnosed after becoming a parent)?

  1. I found it hard to attend group events at school and such for my daughter because of my MI.

  2. So far no. Not with the heart or diabetes. Daughter is 19 now so fingers crossed the SZ doesn’t get her.

  3. I hadn’t planned to have kids, but didn’t use protection as I was told I was sterile from a childhood injury. Apparently not. I have very few bullets for my gun, but man is my aim awesome. I can hit an egg on the first try.


Im a father of 4 children 1 girl and 3 boys. I didn’t get sick untill they were all around teenagers, it was difficult managing a home life with my illness but I did it. They thought it was normal for dad to go into the hospital every now and then because he was sad. My children learned empathy because of my illness. I just made it a point know matter how sick I got too tell my kids how muched I loved them.


That describes my experience as well. My oldest came to me when their best friend was suicidal and didn’t know what to do. I believe doing that saved a life. And had we not been super open about the topic, they might not have come to me at all.

Hmm. . .

I Never Really Thought Of Myself As Becoming A Parent Myself Honestly. But!, After I Adopted My Best Friend Lacy (Pup), A New Individual Seen Me And Her Together And He Smiled And Said, ‘She’s Like Your Daughter Isn’t She’?. I Froze And Glanced At Her Rolling Her Eye’s Like Always. And Smiled Back, ‘Yea, I Guess She Is’. . .

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :roll_eyes: :sleeping: :roll_eyes:

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  1. special challenges = lots of hospitalizations and kids staying with grandparents. One of my delusions involves one of my kids, so that makes some things tricky.

  2. I have sza, but my 14-year-old is diagnosed with sz. They have experienced mania, so I’m expecting a change to sza at some point. They had a psychotic break at age 9.

  3. I was diagnosed bipolar before they were born and sza after both were born. I suppose I was okay having children with the bipolar diagnosis (which I equate with PTSD, same for sza, really). But, after the sza diagnosis and my child’s psychotic break, I thought no more was a good idea. I still long for more, though. I always wanted a big family.


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