Are world politicians mentally ill?

The situation in Ukraine is that Russians do not want to be a part of the EU. Basically they fight for their freedom. This mess between the EU-US coalition and Russia does not make any sense. Why should one billion people suffer because of Ukrainians whose GNP is minimal. Of course, the war has always been craziness, but still makes me wonder, if current political leaders are all crazy.


hell yes margaret thatcher was completely BONKERS, winston churchill had depression,
i think youd have to pretty mad to want to be a world leader lol

I think Putin is a woman.

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No. They are human.

Something far more terrifying than mental illness.


in australia they are…our country is run my a sexist, racsist ’ budgie smuggler boy ’ !?!
take care

i’m just glad that that plane didn’t crash into anything like what happened in 9/11,

you know they were saying that the Malaysian plane was the one that went missing and that it was the same one that the Russians shot down, apparently that flight had been canceled so idk.

its really scary if you ask me

It kind of irks me when I hear people assigning the term mental illness to any and all evil in the world. Like I’ve heard that Hitler must have been mentally ill to do what he did and any time somebody commits some horrendous crime it’s all you hear that they must have been mentally ill to do such a thing. Except when terrorists do it, then it’s extremism or what have you.

You see, people not affected by mental illness are just as capable of any amount of cruelty and callousness, even utter insanity, if not more so throughout our history on this planet. That’s what I mean when I said that they are human and that this is something far scarier than mental illness.

Let’s not, as people who know mental illness first hand, use it as a term to throw at anyone we disagree with like so many other ignorant fools do.