Are we meant to be alone

I know that many of us are lonely and alone. But are we really meant to be alone?


Society has made it so for some. It’s not fair, but we can’t have it all…

We’re not meant to be alone. But nobody wants to be with a (male?) schizophrenic.


I am sure it is different for everyone on the SZ spectrum, but I don’t want to be alone but it’s difficult almost impossible for me to have social relations. I like the idea and want it, but when I try, I don’t want it.

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I don’t believe humans are meant to be alone. We are social creatures. Which makes it hard when we are alone.


My friend can’t tolerate living with me. She gets too paranoid of me and starts thinking that I want to kill her. But at the same time, she misses me and gets lonely without me so, I sleep over at her house a lot. We keep separate residences.

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Were really not alone.

No. And since I need to type 15 characters… no.

Do you believe humans are meant to have computers, television and smartphones? :smirk:

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Are we meant to have them? Human beings are industrious, and always have been. We make tools. This is just where we are, as far as tool-progress goes.

Do I think television is a bad idea? Not all of it. It’s a visual way of telling stories, when done well. I have no doubt that ancestors did that by acting out stories, and drawing them. More recent history (and currently), there was theater and art and there’s always been music.

I think the ubiquitousness of computers and smartphones is the problem. I think the addiction to them is the problem. I think the fact that people ignore everything else for the internet and social media is the problem, and that these things have killed the very creativity that created progress in the first place.

So… mixed bag for me.


I don’t know how people do it.

But I just can’t do romantic relationships without stress

So therefore in that sense, yes I’m meant to be alone.

I repeat though, idk how others do it.

I really don’t.

Those who have psychotic disorders I mean

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I have my husband. I need him in my life because I love him and don’t want to live without him. He’s a very good man


See my brain doesn’t romantically love anyone. I’m just not capable. I’m happy that you are :heart:

Nah, humans are social by nature. It’s just a matter of finding a fellow tribe of weirdos and misfits. My advice is to hang out where other smart people hang out at. The library is great for that.


I’m alone with no friends or family. With Sz you usually stay with your parents. Both my parents are dead now so I don’t have any choice but to be alone.

I have one friend and my family. I also have my support team, but they are paid to help, sadly. Not saying they do not help me cause they do for sure. I don’t know where I’d be without my family. They give me a roof over my head while I wait for section 8 housing. They also cheer me on when I am doing well and listen to me when I am doing bad. Which is where I am at now. Waiting and hoping my med uppage helps.

The modern world is about isolation.

Kurt Vonnegut was onto it in his early career where he said that Lonliness is the biggest killer. We are social animals and there’s so many proven benefits for being social.

Keep fighting to keep connected. Join a club. Reading clubs are in most big bookstores. There’s plenty of ways to connect. Volunteer. We often don’t work and have oodles of spare time.

You always have choice. Try it outside your comfort zone.

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I agree with much of what has been mentioned. I do not think we are meant to be alone as humans. Maybe we’re ostracized because of our mental illness. In my experience people tend to disappear from my life soon after learning I have schizophrenia. I’m pretty sure after my parents pass away I’ll be alone for the rest of my life.

I think there have always been people who end up alone. I was thinking about The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby.

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No ofcourse not. We are humans which are social creatures by nature.

I want to have friends




Even the postman helps me feel less alone (when I’m in a good mood)

I think there will be chance if we set our partner expectation lower.People who are single for live and are unhappy probably have high expectation for their soulmate.Some people do like staying single and enjoy staying single,that’s different case as compare to people who really wanted a partner but sets standard too high for themself