Are these panic attacks?

I have I think general anxiety and panic attacks
Going doc tomorrow and waiting for caffeine withdrawal to stop
I have anxiety for large parts of the day, currently all day, but not always.
Usually in the evenings, sitting down, very sudden pretty severe feeling of panicky restlessness hits me in the solar plexus and I have to stand and walk around. Wat it makes me feel like doing is curl up in a ball and tense All my muscles
I think my breathing is affected, I need to take deep breaths. It’s never about anything other than I worry whether it is a meds side effect but I’ve been told it doesn’t sound like it by my psychiatrist.
She didn’t say what it might be though.
This seems to happen most days at least once. I can go a few days without it though pretty often
Does this sound like panic attacks?

could be or maybe just anxiety which is still really bad,

i suggest trying some relaxation techniques, your doc may have a recording that could help you try to relax at these times

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i get shortness of breath aswell when anxiety hits , it is pretty normal i think…
i would say it sounds like a panic attack.
when it happens do something totally different, like splashing your face with cold water, pinching yourself etc to put you on a different thought pattern.
take care

**I was just thinking that your caffeine withdrawal might have something to do with it also. I don`t know how much caffeine you consumed every day. **

I’ve had panic attacks. When I was a kid pretty often and a few times as an adult.

I get the feeling I can’t get air even when inhaling as much as I can. I get numb in my arms and legs. Everything becomes small and I get tunnel vision. Also I get a lot of anxiety and pain in my chest. My pulse starts to speed up. I feel terrified. That is panic attack for me.

Sounds like generalized anxiety disorder:

Common medications are Xanax and Gabapentin:

With my experiences this sounds like anxiety, breathing is Key ClouDdog. ALWAYS remember to breathe deep breaths if you can during these situations. Anxiety is a catalyst to a panic attack. Panic attacks are nearly debilitating and have a physical reaction along w/psychological which would concur with your curling up. Stay away from the caffeine, and if you know you are about to enter an environment which triggers anxiety be sure to plan ahead and take your medications prior, and not during. I take Alprazolam and it helps but doesn’t stop attacks. Try different methods and accept some will be very difficult, but it’s a process you must accept to overcome the degree of your episodes. Good luck and remember to breathe.

I have anxiety/panic attacks that deals with problem breathing
I take a PRN to help with this
its Lorazepam
Worrisome thoughts bring this about
Best is to take your attention away from the problem
watch a fun show
I have anxiety attacks pretty often though