Are these panic attacks or mini schizo episodes

So in 2018 i was admitted to hospital and commenced on clozapine. Around that time i was using synthetic marijuana(not good btw). Anyway ever since then ive been having these episodes which i was calling panic attacks till i spoke to registrar. The symptoms were pretty much just a feeling of dread and a sensation that the world around me wasnt real. Ive had thoughts like that before but its more intense during these times. Like i have the feeling that the dream is just going to end n ill be either non existant or in a realm much different from my known world. Sometimes i get emotional during episodes and worry that ill lose the people i love. I geuss it could just be a natural contemplation on life and death with its intensity not natural. Im off clozapine now. Ive been steady on clopixol depot for years. Also low dose largactil. I geuss my question would just be whether anyone has had similar experiences and if there was a method or treatment that could help ease symptoms. Cheers. Shaman

It sounds like af mix of “derealization” and anxiety, when it’s severe, very painful, these experiences are close to a genuine/frank psychosis.

Ohh, stay of the herbs, the synthetic as well as pot/marihuana/skunk.
I have heard that quite a few sz patiens take cannabis to fight negative symptoms, if that’s the case, talk to your pdoc about it.

Get better soon! Derealization is very painful, i know from my own experiences. Byt you can get used to it if the condition is chronic (in my case it is)

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I also think that sounds a lot like derealization, which could be a sin of anxiety OR schizophrenia. There’s a lot of overlap. Have you described it to your doctor?

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Yeah before i got really involved with programs i would type symptoms into google n would read about that derealization stuff. Is that a form of dissociation? Not that i fully understand that but did alot of like fringe research into that(think cia mk ultra) * sorry if triggering anyone but yeah. Thanks for taking time to reply. Legend.

Derealization is a form of dissociation, yes.

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Yeah tried to to a reg. They reckoned it wasnt panic but maybe more distressing voices or whatever. Is there any meds for derealization that youre aware of? Thanks for taking time to reply. Cheers

It depends on what is causing it. If it’s anxiety, an anxiety med could help. If it’s psychosis, an antipsychotic would help.

If your underlying sz and anxiety is treated well, with the meds your pdoc advice you to take, then the dissociation will properly feel less painful. I will keep focus on your general mental health, if i was you … i think.
I dont know any specific meds to treat that symptom.

I have a lot of these symptoms, they are still bad to have, but i have learned to accept them.

Yeah i geuss that adds to the distress in those episiodes in a sense that im on a depot n have prn lorazepam but doesnt totally help. I often have to resort to a couple cold beers to help(not perfect) but yeah

The beers are probably doing a lot of damage, especially long term. When I quit drinking, my derealization got much better.

Well its funny i often seek a switch with alcohol or weed but these episodes r pretty intense but yeah i rely on substances to alter my mind out of whatever it is. Even the chlorprom im finding quite addictive. Used to hate psychiatry and meds now i like seek em out. Im sure theres a middle line with all this stuff. Thanks

One of the main causes of derealization is drug abuse.

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