Are these normal experiences?

Just thinking about some things I experienced as a teenager (age 14+) and I always thought they were normal. Have you experienced similar things?

  • Feeling like I’m being followed whenever I’m outside. Frequently looking over my shoulder. Crossing the road when I see ‘dodgy’ looking people ahead of me. Thinking that they’ll murder me.

  • Always feeling like I know what others are thinking about me…like their thoughts float out of their head and into mine.

  • When having conversations with people, I see myself from their perspective. And I always look ugly as f*** in these visions. Puts me off speaking.

  • Being with people and not saying anything because it feels like there is a force stopping me from speaking.

  • Nasty inner voice in my head saying horrible things to me.

  • Thoughts of murdering people- mainly horrible people from school and bit*** teachers.

  • Believing I am genius even though my average grades were around 80-85%.

  • In a room full of people speaking, I feel like their conversations are about me.

  • Thinking I will be happy if I’m underweight.

  • I believe the people around me are programmed by the organisation I am now being spoken to by. I feel very sad often for no reason yet people tell me I am fine and happy.

  • No interest in socialising with most people because they’ll probably see me the same way the voices do.

Most of these are typical paranoia and anxiety. It’s normal things with a heightened sense of impoetsnce and awareness. Back yourself up a little bit when you experience that stuff. Be assertive and take control of how you react.

U make it sound easy.

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Its not easy. Its paranoia.

Have u stopped xeplion injections yet

No! Its hell! Im on court order & have to take them…
Or they will hospitalize me

Make what sound easy?

This is just what I had when I was younger. It is worse now.

Was talking to gone huntin

No, none of them are normal @Jesspresso.
I used to feel like I knew what others were thinking about me too. It tortured me. Cause they were always thinking bad thoughts.
When I was alone at home, I used to always think that a serial killer was going to get into my home at night and kill me. I used to go around hiding anything obvious in the house that could be used as a weapon.
I used to think that my ex husband was planning on murdering me and our son. I thought that he was going to hire an assassin to kill us one day. I lived in constant terror of this.
I used to see shadow men in black fedoras and black trench coats and black semi automatic pistols following me around everywhere. I thought they were out to kill me.
I used to hear eerie organ music constantly. It went on continuously for three months straight one time.
I heard multiple voices and a commentary voice mumbling on frequent occasions.
I had closed-eye hallucinations of both beautiful and grotesque women physically combatting with me.
I used to think that all men were gay and hiding this “fact” from women.
I thought that my brother had killed my son and was coming shortly to kill me.
I thought that the Veterans Administration was poisoning all of it’s veterans and my number was coming up soon.
When I was in nursing school, I thought I was Florence Nightingale reincarnated.
I had tactile, olfactory, gustatory, visual and auditory hallucinations.
I feel that spiritual entities talk to me personally, out of books, and I talk back to them. This happens on a daily basis, even today.