Are these atypical hallucinations?

I see a spinning image right in the middle of my line of vision but it only gets clear if i relax my vision like when you daydream. The spinning image is lines of letters arranged in a circle or snowflake like pattern. I cant read what the letters spell because its spinning too fast. If i stare at it, it gradually gets larger while spinning at the same speed. Eventually it becomes very large and becomes rainbow colored.this hallucination i only see when very tired.

These hallucinations i see every day even when well rested. I look at an image like markings on a parking lot and then i continue to see them when i look away sometimes even up to five mins later. Theyre usually colored a different color than the original image. I see these colored streaks very frequently. sometimes theyre colored blotches too. or if i look at my window shades, i see the shade pattern when i blink my eyes.

are these common hallucinations?

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I have never had a visual hallucination like that. I just see other people but sometimes I get text messages in my head. I can read them though and they are not spinning and they say who they’re from. It’s always people I know vice when I have hallucinated visually it’s usually strangers.

I think is not unusual.
The other day, I saw, from the left eye, a car heading towards me.
After a while, I saw in was in a train and I was seeing the landscapes as we moved.
I have seen all yellow, from the left eye.
And all blue from both eyes.

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