Are stimulants bad for us?

I use a lot of stimulants like coffee, energy drinks and even prescription energy pills.

I always feel so good when I am stimulated. Focus/energy/mood

None of these cause a high so it can’t be bad for us right?

Can anybody confirm is stimulants with no high’s are bad or good for us?

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I can’t talk for anyone else but I love my coffee so much I drink two pots a day lol


Coffee in moderation is probably just fine.
But speed or uppers in general can worsen psychosis or mania.

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I’m talking about any stimulant that doesn’t have a high. Is it good or bad for us? I always feel so good after taking stimulants.

What do you mean by stimulants?
Give me examples

Coffee, Red Bull, Caffeine pills, Expresso etc

Too much coffee for me - can make vicky creep in. Altho in my madness and lonliness - ive found her quite enjoyable to banter with.

It comes to something when you rely on a voice in your head to keep you company :stuck_out_tongue:

She can be a right condescening cow tho.

Some people can handle caffeine in moderation, others can’t.

You are basically talking about caffeine

I also take Modafinil. Its similar to 12 cups of coffee all hitting you at once. There’s no high, its basically adderal without the high.

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Stimulants meant for narcolepsy and adhd can trigger or make psychosis worse!

Not a good idea.

It can also trigger or make mania worse!

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Are you sure about this? If what your saying is true then only coffee for me from now on.

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Amphetamine based ones dont agree with me. But caffeine is fine.

I tried modafinil several times. It made my sinuses swollen. I wish it would of worked for me but that side effect was intolerable

Those things do cause a high and low cycle too. Just less than like hardcore drugs obviously, but a caffiene addiction can be horrible. Everything even water has to be taken in moderation. Im not a doctor but i would say anything in excess of 2 or 3 cups a day is probably an issue

Yes I’m very sure

Current guidelines advise to avoid treatment with stimulants as they may provoke a switch into mania or psychosis. That risk may be reduced with a mood stabilizer or antipsychotic. Not all physicians are comfortable prescribing the two together.

Low to moderate amounts of caffeine shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re fairly sensitive to it.

That “stimulated. Focus/energy/mood” is itself a high, as it’s not naturally occurring. Excessive doses of anything can be harmful, caffeine included. It can lead to any number of bad effects up to and including heart palpitations. And the prescription ones are worse. All things in moderation can be a good thing to remember.

Wow so stimulants are bad… I didn’t know that because I felt so great while drinking coffee.

My psychistrist was really careful when he gave me adhd meds, with clozapine and abilify. Honestly I feel the adhd meds don’t work. I don’t get anything from them. My dosage is pretty small, as my doctor was being careful. But I don’t get anything from caffiene either. I can drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks, no effect. In school I took caffiene pills cause I was so tired all the time. Am I immune to stimulants? Could it be because of adhd?

i Drank one pot of coffee. i can’t be stopped now hehe

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