Are schizos and bipolars most discriminated against people on the planet?

i googled most discriminated illness and it came up with us


change your wording to condition rather than illness it’ll say stuff like hiv/aids and drug addiction as well as alcoholism and schizophrenia

There are a number of diseases that are stigmatized – mental disorders, AIDS, venereal diseases, leprosy, and certain skin diseases .

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I’d say that alcoholics and drug addicts are up there on the discrimination scale.

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Yeah, but people get discriminated for other reasons besides illness.

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there is more representation in the media for drug addicts and alcoholics instead of the mentally ill…and using it as an alibi when commiting horrendous crimes and pleading insanity and getting away with it…I’m just glad timothy mcveigh didn’t get away with his crimes.

Very obese people face a lot of discrimination. I have also reached that point in my life that I’m discovering ageism is a thing.


i like condition as opposed to illness. it is a chemical unbalance. that is all. i live isolated. do not like society. find it opressive and negative.


It seems noone says sorry to sz. Why should they ? Personally i feel equal to a door mat. An angercushion to let steam off, a scapegoat as a vulnerable. Me as a sz have to take the blame for mistakes which aren’t my fault. But still, some want to get diagnosed sz, cause we are nice people after all.

Triple whammy.
Schizo, obese and old

Yeah I’m feeling it.

In regards to drug stigma. Marijuana addiction isn’t as stigmatized as meth addiction in the southern easternish usa persay. So I guess it depends on the drug and also the location. Meanwhile schizophrenia is equally or less stigmatized than meth addiction but more stigmatized than weed addiction imo. Marijuana addiction isn’t easy but it’s not as difficult as meth or heroin or crack addiction. Alcohol is one of the most socially acceptable drugs but also a very dangerous one.

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