What paddle for stigma is worse than schizopheric?

I have a list whats yours?

I don’t understand the question.

misjudged over all in stigma

I guess being Donald Trump can be considered as bad if not worse.

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Okay, I guess the question is “what stigma is worse than schizophrenic?”

I guess the answer is “Convicted felon.”

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I agree with trump in most of his views

we are in the top 5 lowest of disoders ever invented

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Ooops we shouldn’t discuss politics here…

ok we won’t discuss it here

HIV/AIDS sufferer, prostitute, male rape victim, republican, felon

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A matchmaker once told me he would help a “schizophrenic” get a partner, but not a “borderliner”. In the one stay when they thought i had borderline the ward staff treated me much much worse than all the rest of the times, when they thought i was schizophrenic. I think such personality disorders might have worse stigma.

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Pedophile has the most stigma of anything else out there

I think there is a stigma for everything…
A major amount of those promoting disability awareness are getting their accounts shadowbanned…

What does it mean to be shadowbanned?

Aldo I think there’s a lot of stigma towards former addicts. Doctors not wanting to prescribe certain medications, etc.

I have a friend who had a coke addiction in his teens, but kicked it ten years ago. His current doctor won’t prescribe the only med that helps his migraines because “you were an addict and you may become one again”.

“Shadowbanned” means that Instagram’s algorithm picks up disability-oriented IG stuff and censors them, or not show them to the public.

A prominent IG disability advocate named Wheelchair Rapunzel recently posted a picture of her showing her showing her buttocks to exemplify what she goes through. But this post got immediately censored while Tana Mongeau’s IG picture showing her completely naked did not get censored. Her stuff gets shadowbanned often. A IG friend of mine recently got her content shadowbaned as well.

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