Are other people real? I'm terrified they might be

I believe that, I hate customers in general. By the way, did you use to go by a different name?

You should consider becoming a pentecostal pastor

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Thanks for your kind words. I’ll be alright.

The worse thing is that we can be both right.

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Avicenna? Really interesting guy.

Not sure that’s on the cards. It’s virtually impossible that we really are human.

Made up how???

I’m not sure, maybe not knowing when they start and I end.

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It’s more weight than I can bear. Also, the knowledge I’ll never be sure if it’s truly real.

I did? Huh. Don’t remember.

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You know characters in tv, movies and books

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Hey, hadn’t seen you for a while! Good to see you posting. Other people are real.

There are plenty of problems with the ‘strong’ view of reality based on quantum mechanics espoused by some physicists, often hinging on scientists attempting to do the philosopher’s job, but there is something you said that really intrigues me: why do you say something becomes real when we observe it consciously? How consciously?

Our observation affects the object of observation.
I have heard it by physicists

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True, but the implications are not altogether clear.

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Well, I don’t make such claims. Some scientists have made this claim and hence it is a hypothesis.

Is human consciousness creating reality? - Big Think

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It’s very interesting but a still a frustrating mix of good science and highly speculative leaps. What is really implied by “conscious observor” is not made clear either, but I’ll be downloading the paper and try to find out.

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Science is speculative. It is hard to establish facts. Science changes and evolves…

Yes it’s terrifying being real. There comes a commitment when you are real.

Right now i’m very real, just came back from two days in psych ward, a depressive attack, suicidal etc…

My Pdoc put me back on lithium, and waiting for it to kick in so i don’t feel as real as i feel now.

Damn I have to take lithium, when I know opioids or ketamine would work, but my pdoc couldn’t prescribe it due to my stpd disorder.

Glad you are back @seksoempirico

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I’m sorry you’ve been through so much. I’m not really much convinced of anything, so a part of me staunchly believes none of this is real, and even that has several layers of varying ontological commitments. The deepest layer is the one that sees me alone faced daily with the devil in keeping the illusion of the universe alive. My death wish also remains strong, but I have no plans to top myself. Otherwise mostly happy.

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