Are newer atypical antipsychs any good?

Apparently abilify is not going to work out. The only atypicals I’ve taken are


I know it would be hard to explain new meds in a sense because everyone reacts differently to them. Maybe a link to New ones I can read up or an experience. Thx

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Maybe you can try latuda?

I’m just tired of trying. Feel like giving up.

they are easily been resistant
try first generation they r pretty strong

So far I’ve had haldol,perphenazine,and loxapine. Still some I’ve not had.

Click on “list of agents” for a list.

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Wikipedia Roxanna… Wake up… Thanks… Not the best past few weeks here.

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How are your moods? Have you tried any mood stabilizers? You might try antidepressants. You sound a little depressed to me.

The only drug that ever had any effect on me is Clozapine. It has some bad side effects though.

I still hear voices all day, but they are dulled. Also, I can’t sleep without the Clozapine.

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I’m not as depressed as I used to be but I do have mood swings especially lately. For some reason my pdoc isn’t putting me on mood stabilizers anymore. He asked me if I was doing illegal drugs and drinking because I said I was pretty paranoid etc… Which pissed me off. Yeah, because every mentally ill person is doing street drugs and drinking. ■■■■■■■■■■■■

I struggle with alcohol myself. It’s been over eight months since I last drank. I’ve been realizing how alcohol made me depressed. I think I’ll be happier without it. Mixing my psychotropic drugs with alcohol had to be hard on my liver.

Sorry to hear that crimby. I’m not looking down on anyone who has those types of issues. But he just seems to think or assume that if im becoming more paranoid or have worsening symptoms that I’m doing illegal drugs. They piss test me everytime I go in. They do that to everyone that goes there. He just doesn’t care.

I forgot I took that one in 2011.pretty strong akathisia