Are light flashes common in schizophrenia?

I’ll try to describe this as specifically as possible. What I have experienced are flashes of light directly in the center of my vision. They haven’t been around much lately, but I have noticed on some days that I will have maybe 3-4 or even more of these flashes. The closest thing I could compare them to are the floaty dots of light that are seen by everyone when you “see stars”, except what I am experiencing are specifically flashes that are a single dot usually in the center of my vision (I cannot remember it not being in the center) that are literally flashes. Does anyone else experience this? Could it be attributable to schizophrenia?

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It’s common for me.
Lately a lot more than usual. Can predict disaster.

I know exactly what you are talking about.

I only had it about 10-20 times in 8 months after the psychotic episodes.

It entirely went away after I started taking antipsychotics.

Not sure if its schizophrenia, since I have a schizoprenaform.

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if i post these kind of problems, people direct me to an eye doctor.
so be safe and see an eye doctor.

Sometimes i get flashes at the corner of my eye, i don’t think it has something to do with schizophrenia its probably i am aging and my vision is not good as it was, i have to go see an eye doctor.

@Mindwhisperer when you experience these flashes were they in succession? If these flashes are caused at times by schizophrenia then there would definitely be overlap with other eye issues. The flashes (which are really just white dots which rapidly come and go will only occur once in any particular instance. The frequency at which they are spaced apart when I do have them on any given day are usually at least an hour apart if (not exactly, I just mean to say they are not back to back by any means).

I ask this because my wife had flashing occurring in the corner of her eye and she saw lots of blinking, and this was at night time, and she thought someone was turning the light on and off (substantial amounts of light), which is not comparable to what I see at all, which is a tiny speck (like seeing stars), yet is noticeable when it happens. Her experience was due to eye related issues. I have read that as people age their eyes change and are likely to have this kind of issue due to things happening on the back of the eye at the retina. In her case I think her problems might be derive from the fact that she is so near sighted, due to her eyes being longer in shape.

Regardless, I do agree it’s a good reason to see an eye doctor.

I get those, too, but very rarely anymore. it’s like someone is flashing a camera. They are always on the corner of my eyes. I never did try to figure out what they mean, and I didn’t assign any meaning to them, either. My eye doctor once said that a spot in your central vision that comes and goes is called an ocular migraine, caused by lack of sleep or bright lights for a time. I get those maybe once or twice a year, and they’ve always been while I’m driving at night.

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I think i know what you talking about, i have experienced those dots as well, it started with me when i heat my had on the table wile trying to get up, that was the start and sometimes i get it wile i sneeze hard or cough, my friend has it and he doesn’t suffer from mental illness.

Maybe it’s not schizophrenia, but it could be an indication of a weak retina as well, only if the flash of light had any of those two; one if it had a distinct shape and size and sharp edges, related to the motion of your eye, or gets triggered by your eye’s movement, or if it has the shape of a thunder spark or the shape of a vine, then it’s your retina, go immediately to see a doctor…If the flash is different then it might be schizophrenia or migraine signs…
If it’s a schizophrenia symptom, then it might that you get to see other visual hallucinations as well if not now maybe shortly later, if none then you should see an eye doctor; a ophthalmologists or optometrists…what ever…take care

I have this in my psychosis. I still have this right now. I consider something was wrong with my brain and my central nervous system. My visual perception was not as reliable as in the past. I sometime misread a word or an item when I need to read.

I get this all the time especially when i’m concentrating on something, could be schizophrenia or it could be I need to get my eyes tested.

Only light flashes I’ve seen was them attacking me when I had psychosis. The light jumped from lamps and the sun and pierced my body like spears. Hurt like hell.

My voices kept telling me to turn off the lights. I tried to do that in ER. But that was not possible.

I have those too. I think it’s got something to do with either schizophrenia or antipsychotics.

when i get them they are followed by a voice telling me its scanning me

i enjoy the flashes of light,
the world of multicolored light,
the invisible reverse falling stars lifting off out of my room and out the window,
the bright dot at the center of my closed eyes,
the spinning colors in that dot, when it gets bigger, the five different movies playing
in fast forward and fast reverse till all the bright color violent action moves morph
into a single monster that’s laughing maniacally and chasing me and pulling me in with a hurricane wind.

takes alot of calories, i noticed, the more light you generate the more you have to eat sugar.

and it’s up to us to generate it or not i think to a certain extent, like if we stayed in bed and tried to sleep it wouldn’t be happening, it would be dreaming and those lights take way less energy than the ones that shine bright in pure daylight.

Phosphenes, i think they call them, in the dictionary, or light that you see that doesn’t come from an external source. I swear it takes alot of energy to produce that, cause I drink this powerful oolong tea, and I see the shots of light, and I know it’s the energy in the tea letting me do that, and that i have to stop it or i’ll burn myself out.

but yeah, the movies are made of the world of multi colored lights…

it isn’t the retina, it’s behind the eyes, from the same place as dreams but ten times brighter colors and a tendency to shoot out like rockets.

Soak it up out of sun and moon and shoot it off like fireworks in the dark.

here’s a diagram - i close my eyes, and there’s always this bright little dot. sometimes as i go to sleep i watch it grow and notice it’s got several whole action movies going on inside it, in color, in fast forward and fast reverse, and very violent, storms crashing ships, cars crashing, monkeys fighting in jungle canopies, hurricanes and tornadoes ripping up the fields, and then as it continues to grow it changes into a single monster, now most of my field of vision, still flashing colors very bright in puzzle piece clothing type of patterns, all the colors flashing bright while the monster laughs maniacally and chases me, all the while a hurricane wind pulling me in toward him. I always get away if I try though.


Don’t really have an opinion if it’s a hallucination or just weird eye stuff, but I get lights too. Their color is usually white or red. The red color makes me think it’s an eye thing like a reflection of my retina bouncing off my eye lens and back to my retina, kinda like red eye from a photo but in feedback form.

One time I saw a red dot on the wall, my heart almost jumped out of my chest because I thought it was from an automatic rifle. The windows were closed though, so that made me feel better.

I spend a lot of time in the dark, so when I see the lights it’s pretty noticeable. They’re only there for a second and disappear. They happen so often that they can’t be visual migraines because I’ve seen them at least 5 times a day for years. If it’s a sign of retinal detachment, I’d be blind by now. Our eyes and visual cortex are so intricate, it could be anything.

I had these the year before during and for months after my first psychosis.

I still get ocassional flashes Just no where near as much

Yes I have seen such things.

They are there:

okay :

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Hey being completely raving mad has its advantages:

E=mc2 is Einstein’s theory.

Energy equals mass multiplied by the constant “c” squared.

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