Are current events stressing you out? - Poll

Covid, Russia and Ukraine, NATO troops being deployed, instability. Are these events weighing on you or do they not bother you. I’m beginning to get a bit worried about the potential situations that may occur in the future. Maybe I am watching too much news.

Anyway, are these events worrying you? Please try to not make this topic political. This is about the affects on your mental state.

  • Yes, these events bother me a lot
  • Yes, these events bother me somewhat
  • No, I am unaffected

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I think its concerning. I am not too worried until i hear my country or usa pop up on the radar as a target and attacked. Then id be more worried.


It’s just that my pile of stressful things is getting very large overall.

Our provincial government just dropped almost all public health restrictions. This was done because our premier has a leadership review in a few weeks and he’s in trouble. He’s trying to play to his base that never wanted any restrictions.

I’m one of those people with severe health issues who is at high risk. People say, “well just stay home.” I mostly am, but there are still places I need to go and it would be nice if we could maintain masking there. Like doctor’s offices and pharmacies. Some places should have mandatory masking all the time.

I feel like those of us who are unhealthy have just been declared acceptable losses. It hurts.

And then there’s the news. I can’t watch the news right now or I’ll flip my lid. I honestly wish people would stop posting Ukraine stuff here. I can’t take that on top of everything else.


And FNs climateraport on top of that.


Right now, it seems contained and it’s “over there” But I have no Illusions, if they start lighting off nukes, the entire world will be affected for a very long time.

That’s bizarre if you don’t have masking requirements there. I live in a fairly conservative state and even we have masking requirements when I go to doc or pdoc.


My colleague at work doesn’t even want to go to work anymore due to current events.


In hospitals, yes. In private clinics it is at the discretion of the clinic. Same with dentists, physiotherapists, etc. Obviously I’m not going to crowded hockey arenas.

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We gained some sort of peace here during covid. The borders are open again and we get all sorts of strangers. I am not looking forward. Drunken insane tourists make our city unsafe. They don’t bring diseases, they bring insanity.


It’s the same in the UK. All through the pandemic our vainglorious prime minister has based what’s been done on keeping voters onside, rather than taking heed of what the scientific experts say. The youngest granddaughter and my gt granddaughter are both quite vulnerable. I’m not as vulnerable, but more vulnerable than average. Due to the falls and being in hospital I’ve not had the booster vaccine.

I have fears over the Ukraine situation as well. I won’t go into details.


I was at bank today, and everybody I saw on the way there were coughing…
Nobody wore a mask.
My father got it ten days ago and was with pneumonia…


I got too much going on more important
My mum is in a care home and not well she is having a tough time. She has heart problems and confusion I think she is scared so no I’m not fussed what’s happening out there in our crazy world


While I wouldn’t say that I’m petrified, it’s a real concern and I do think it’s going to escalate into a much bigger confrontation. There are a lot of different ways that this could go sideways.

Given that I’m triple vaccinated and already had the infection (and got through it unscathed), I’m not worried about COVID at all.


It’s a stress factor.
So far, I’m able to push it to the back of my mind. But it’s still there, gnaving at me.

I know me and my loved ones are safe. For now.
I also know it could quickly turn around.

I want to stay updated, but I also know how easily I’ll become paranoid and obsessed if I don’t reign it in and keep it at a minimum.

It wears me out to hear mention of Ukraine everywhere I go.
Aside from a couple of discord servers, I have no safe space where I can be without mention of Ukraine for just a day.
It’s not that I don’t care.
I just can’t bear it.


Not affected unless they attack us here in Canada.

I don’t want nukes anywhere too.

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It all bothers me a lot. I don’t usually read the news. I did read some headlines posted in the Ukraine / Russia news thread, without going to the article, but I stopped doing that. It’s just too much for me. I don’t want to have a mental break.

Hubby updates me with the basics of what’s going on. The undramatized version of the news. I want to know what’s happening, but in little doses and no horrific details.

But still, I’m stressed out about what’s going on. But not nearly as stressed as I would be if I was reading the news or watching the news.


I’m so sorry man. Hope your dad is doing better.




I feel this. :worried: I can’t even go to meme websites, looking for humor, because everybody is posting about the war. On meme websites!! They’re meant for laughs. So, I guess I can’t go there now.


Who is optimistic, that this war will end up soon?
My mother talks about it to me everyday and i cant bear it either… if i tell her, that i cant listen, she gets angry… dont hate my mother now pls, but idk anymore if shes good to me… She lives in isolation too, i live under stress and pressure every day…