Are all psychotic illnesses genetic?

They say that all psychotic illnesses are genetic!

But what if a person goes through enough trauma, war, torture, loss of family, bullying, childhood trauma, drugs, etc! Wouldn’t that be enough to make anyone tip over and make them psychotic?

Is it true what they say? That this illness is always genetic?

And what about those 20% who recover?

What I’m asking is if it’s always genetic with psychotic disorders?

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i dont think its enough. its probably that saying, genetics loads the gun and enviroment pulls the trigger


Interesting article.

i dont really believe it. i think maybe sometime the family members just dont have the trigger pulled but skill have the genes. i can look up my line and everyone on it and surounding it in my family seems schizoid and one schizophrenic. none of em are diagnosed tho

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I don’t buy any of it anymore. I do not believe psychosis is genetic. Or a disease. Or caused by your brain. Or chronic when treated well. Psychiatry is bullsh*t in my eyes.

I think there’s a few genetic issues that can cause psychosis, when in a certain environment…e.g. gluten intolerance + our diet => can lead to psychosis.

But abuse, also subtler emotional abuse, drives people crazy. Everyone can become psychotic under these circumstances. Read and Dillon write a book full of evidence.

If there is a problem, say my hand is on a hot stove…my system signals me that something is wrong (say, pain). And I have behaviour that draws the attention of my environment (say, screaming). If I ignore that, or my environment forces me to ignore that, the signals get louder. Not everyone has the same sensitivity to pain. But if it is bad enough…

That is how I see psychosis. It gives me a pain signal (fear, shame). And draws attention of my environment (running around naked saying your the pope, or whatever). It gives clues. And urges us to solve it. Psychiatry solves that by numbing the pain, rather than changing the environment. Which is why you get stuck.


In my opinion it’s partly genetic. I have 2 family members with sz on my dad’s side of the family. Also some others who have experienced psychosis.

On my mom’s side of the family there is no one.

I view it as as susceptibility which is passed through genes. If the genes express themselves depends on the environment. I think there is a field epigenetics which talks about this.

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I already have a genetic disease. So it doesn’t matter to me. I already win the lottery.

I wonder how much is genetic and how much is learned

I agree that it’s genetics’ however some stuff worsens it like adhd medication especially ADHD meds tbh but I have a family history of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder on both sides I still think Ritalin played a role in my madness

My psychiatrist told me that the exact cause of Sz remains unknown.

Also, there are some cheaters who would say that they could cure the Sz thoroughly.


I wonder… I have psychosis in my family too (none sz). But I can see so many factors influencing it.

Even just the domino effect: the psychosis of one caused tremendous trauma in others. There’s so much trauma in this family…combined with highly sensitive characters.

How do you separate all the factors playing a role…genes…epigenetic stuff…microbiome…mitochondrial damage, for instance by my granny’s heavy med use…bullying for being different…family trauma and unhealthy communication styles (very covert)…etc.

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I don’t have all the answers. Else I would be delusional or a noble prize winner.

I’m sure more will be known in the next couple of decades and if we live long enough we’ll find out!

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Yeah, that would be great, if you had the answer. Even better if you had the solution too. You’d get my vote for the nobel prize. :slight_smile:

I hope they genuinely research it. Not get stuck in the “let’s make more of the same meds because…something with money.”

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Yeah that’s a common con there usually con artists

extreme emotions play a part

I think you make a good point. There’s certainly people who’s parents and grand parents didn’t have it who get it. For example back in the day hat makers used to go crazy from the chemical used in making the hat material. It can surely be a purely physiological cause sometimes. I believe too much stress of any kind on the brain can cause psychosis. Look at all the people who take drugs and have psychosis


It’s nature AND nurture

We still don’t fully understand genes

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