Appointment with Pdoc

Just got back from my appt with my pdoc. I’ve been having new symptoms that I haven’t had before. Voices and I’ve been doing this thing where when I talk midsentence I stop because the thought was taken out of my head. Part of me feels that the same people that have cameras in my bathroom mirror, and the people that are tracking me with the transmitter that my dentist put in, are stealing my thoughts. The other part of me knows it’s my illness. I expressed my concern to her that the symptoms seem to be getting worse. She’s concerned that I decided to stop ECT treatments and is going to talk to the nurse there. Before trying Clozaril she wants to try Latuda as she’s had a lot of success and it won’t cause such severe side effects especially because I am borderline diabetic and have a lot of risk factors for metabolic syndrome. She started me on Lexapro because she feels my symptoms come on from my anxiety. She also lowered my Seroquel from 800mg to 600mg because the times I’ve had voices was after taking seroquel after dinner which causes it to kick in. I’m hopeful for the Latuda but nervous about the transition period. Any advice? Or have you ever stopped talking because your thoughts were removed? Any opinions would be helpful.

Thought blocking is one of the symptoms. Yes, I’ve had this happen to me. Just out of the blue, memory wipe. I hate it. But it got better. It still happens, but I have to walk away and then try again. That is another reason why I know I write better then I speak. I can stop, reread, find my track and go again. Can’t do that with speaking.

I was on 100 mg seroquel and it go cut to 50 mg and 40 mg latuda got added with less seroquel and the mood stabilizing properties of Latuda… Wow, did I just wake up out of a nightmare of negative symptoms.

I still have my voices, but not as bad. But it’s not just meds for me. It kick started the energy and woke me up out of my head… but I also do therapy and CBT and my support group and other stuff to keep on top of this head circus. But the change in meds kick started the positive spiral.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks J the thought blocking is frustrating. It is easier to write then talk. Do you feel you think like that too? I’ll be thinking of something and poof it’s gone. So I just go onto the next topic. She said she had a client where nothing worked for his psychosis but the Latuda made a big impact. I’m just nervous to start that and decrease my other meds. She gave me literature about it because I like to research everything. At the last appointment she prescribed the Lexapro and I didn’t take it because I read it can cause a prolonged QT interval which I already have. This time she wants me to research the Latuda and talk about it with her next week. Thanks for your response, good luck to you.

That would be the microphone, the RDIF chip would be in your arm.

well at least u know ur ill most of the time. obviously the dentist didn’t put in a transmitter coz they can’t make one small enough to fit inside ur tooth yet. so no, nobody is tracking u through ur teeth at all. there r no cameras in ur house spying on u hunni. i’ve been through this myself and it’s just not real. i know i have spyware on my phone but there is a reason for that and u r not a person of interest to anybody so u won’t have any of that. try the latuda. u never know, it may work wonders. good luck with it and let us know what happens xxx


@SunGirl I have been flirting with the idea of trying Latuda for many weeks now. I too have metabolic issues, I have full blown diabetes. My doctor seems to use Latuda and it has helped many of her other patients. I too am afraid of the transition period when I get off of the Risperdal completely - will the Latuda work is my primary thought.
I see my Pdoc in a couple of days and I will be having a serious conversation with her about it. Good luck to you on whatever you decide. If I decide to take the Latuda, I will be posting my experiences with it on a steady basis

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