Pdocs know best?

I went to a psychiatrist appointment. He asked about all the meds and how they are working. He asked about the voices, I told him the truth I still hear things. His words were, " with the haloperidol you should not be hearing voices" . I had another doctor claim the same thing but with fanapt. What’s with these doctors who claim to know more than what I’m experiencing?


well, at least you were honest with him…sorry he didn’t up or change your meds so that you don’t have voices. I miss you. take care sweetie.

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No he did change the latuda. But last time I was on a really high dose of it I nearly relapsed. He said if I experience an increase in symptoms to just call. I miss u too

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I once told a doc I was feeing very depressed… and he actually said… “no, your wrong.”

I got a new doc.

But sometimes my doc now doesn’t say stuff to tell me I’m wrong… he’s just puzzled.

Good luck I hope you find a doc that works for you.

When I raised the Risperdal dose to 3 mg and above, I was experiencing an increase in anxiety and agitation/fast heart rate.
I told my pdoc about it and I rold her that my heart rate increased when I upped the dose - I was sure of it all.
She downplayed what I went through and told me that it was my anxious nature that cause the rapid heartbeat.

I am supposed to increase the Risperdal but this is not possible, I am pretty revved up from my current dose of 2.5 mg - if I go higher, I will get agitated again, I am sure of it.
She is going to have to believe what I am going through - sometimes these docs will say anything just to keep you medicated on a certain med they feel is important to your well being - but at what expense?

I’m sorry, I experienced mania on a 4 mg dose of risperidone. My doctor didn’t believe me either. His solution? " take a walk" that was an old doctor. He was a jerk.

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I have a funny feeling that at some level my pdoc believes me - she just wants me to stay on this med -
that doctor who told you to take a walk sounds like a jerk - i am sorry that you had to go through that

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Well come on… the pdoc has a piece of paper mounted on his wall saying that he knows more than you AND its signed by someone just like him/her.

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