Apology thread

I just want to say sorry for anything i may have said or done in the past that had a negative affect on anyone, i am a bit stupid sometimes. so i am sorry for what has been and even if i get a bit weird in the future i am sorry for that in advance as well.


I’m sorry that you are sorry for being sorry.


Fun Fact

In Canada, the word ‘sorry’ means both immediately ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ when you accidentally bump into a stranger at the grocery store.


me too :pray: :heart:


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I am sorry for not being sorry enough. I am a sorry Canadian.


I don’t know what you’re referring to so you must not have done anything really wrong.


You don’t seem stupid to me sometimes. Take care :slight_smile:

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I’ll take that :slight_smile:

(i think) :thinking:

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Lol. I just mean cos u said sometimes I’m stupid

So I was just referring to that sometimes :wink:

Saying ur not imo

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I’m sorry for mentioning religious ideas so much.

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I wish i could talk openly about my faith but its against the rules unfortunately, even if i think what i said was harmless.

its ok i was just being dumb lol

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