Sorry about everything

i just want to say that i am really sorry for what i said on here last week and if i caused any offence, i am not normally like that, i was kind of a troll because i was only saying it for attention, i don’t really think people like that are bad i mean i am normally a nice guy, like if you knew me you would know i am ok, i just feel really bad about it, feel like i have ruined things here for people and caused damage :frowning: just really really sorry.


Everyone makes mistakes and says things we wish we could take back. I do everyday. Some days are worse than others. Just try to take what you learned from this and apply it to your everyday life.


It’s ok, we have SZ. We all have bad stretches where we may say things we don’t normally mean or say. The important thing is that you’re apologizing for anything you feel you need to apologize for. Hang in there, we all get a little off sometimes. It doesn’t make you a bad person :slight_smile:


i say dumb things all the time…don’t worry about it. :scream_cat:
i never thought anything bad about you. :grin:
here is a :hamster: hug
take care :alien:


No worries. You are alright.

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