Ap causing constipation again


I take 400mgs of magnesium a day and eat alot of prunes and still i dont go to restroom any tips like herbs foods etc


That can be dangerous. Report this side effect to your doctor. The sooner the better.


I usually go on the third day but still it gets annoying


I’ve heard that it is normal to people to go anywhere from 3 times a day to once every 3rd day, so you may be just fine. Fruits and vegetables are always good.


And that problem only gets worse with age. I have that problem. That’s why I’m on injectable AP. It seems to help. And the injectable AP seems to control my psychosis better too.


Needing a shot in the arm, as it is said. Or is it needing to kick ass?


I guess it’s kick ass as I get my shot there.


My Haldol makes me constipated. I use Citrucel or Metamucil and it helps.