Anyone with paranoid schizophrenia was you abnormaly paranoid as a child

I was always a paranoid person but It runs in my family my dad and nan tend to be paranoid. I was worryed from a very young age about certain things. I also knew certain things from a young age also. Could this have contributed to my paranoia now. Was anyone else like this also. Tell me your experience?

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I wasn’t paranoid as a young child. But when I turned 16 I started thinking about things a normal 16 year old wouldn’t.

I started to become paranoid around 22 to a mild degree.

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actually only one time, for a few days, or maybe a week,

I was about 13, and when I went to sleep at night,
I thought animals were under my bed.

it ended up being a big joke in the family,
they’d laugh and say it was Snoopy,

I laughed too, but insisted. Then my stepdad
came down to my room and he dived on my bed I guess to try to kill them, idk, and he broke my bed.
He did end up building me a new waterbed. It was the 80’s, you’d have to know.

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Really wow I had a similar experience where I I woke up twice and saw loads of little black Beatle like bugs moving around on my bed and went back to sleep and woke up and saw it again. It was freaky and scared me stiff.

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As a child (first memory-age 11), I never had a paranoid thought. I was hospitalized at 12 for conduct problems and depression. I remember getting out of control one time and the nurse shot me up with Haldol and Ativan. I screamed at her to not poison me. I left there with a diagnosis of Major Depression and Schizoid Personality Disorder. Fast forward 2 years, at age 14, and I’m ranting about aliens controlling my mind and how everybody that was staff in the hospital were aliens impersonating people. Downhill from there.


I don’t think I was super paranoid as a kid. I could play sports in front of crowds fairly easily until about 11th grade. I could never do that today (24yr old)

no i was normal never paranoid when i got illness everything change.

Yeah, paranoia might have been part of it back then. Still is.

I was scared of my teachers as a kid…
I went to a private school and my 'itch teacher was so mean I was scared to go to school

Naw, I just had normal paranoia.

Yes I had paranoia as a child. At night thought monsters were going to kill me and had all these weird rituals to keep safe or I’d hide around the house so they couldn’t find me. Thought planes were going to abduct me so I’d run and hide whenever one flew overhead. Was worried gravity would suddenly reverse and I’d fall into the sky so always stayed near grounded things.

I’d experience such powerful unexplainable feelings of fear all the time, sometimes in oddly specific places like in one bathroom of the house or a closet or the basement. I would be convinced there were angry spirits there or something.

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I gotta ask @Anna why do you feel your whole life has sucked?

I never said that. I had a lot of good parts in life. People on here don’t tend to post threads asking what the best parts of your life were they post threads asking like did you have symptoms when young or what symptoms do you get or some such. So thats what I post in response. Nowhere have I ever stated my entire life has all been terrible.

okay, cuz my cousin Angie had what a doctor called ‘night terrors’ as a child

and she is not disabled or has a diagnosis as an adult.
I get the feeling that your parents have always been reason to you,
but you don’t listen.

Okay 151515151515

I had odd experiences also.

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