High prolactin levels

So I tried vraylar for a bit and I have still been manic on it so I wanna try xyprexa again cause it’s the best med for me but it made me lactate in the past does adding on Abilify actually make prolactin levels normal or close the normal

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Zyprexa is supposed to make prolactin levels high for some time and then it returns close to normal but yes Abilify is supposed to make prolactin levels lower.

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I didn’t know that wish the psychiatrist told me it would go normal after a while

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@Jeffmcguire stop saying to not trust medical professionals.

I’m on olanzapine zyprexa and I was recently tested again because my prolactin was high. It came back down again which is good because I don’t want to change.

Whats the problem of high prolactin? I am a male who didnt have breasts before meds but developped breasts after other than that whats the issue with it?

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