Anyone with heavy responsibilities?


It is a bit hard to take care of so many minor things. And I am unemployed. I started to think I hardly can fit into the organisational culture unless it is charity work- is this a good sign?
If I am employed, maybe I have no minor things to take care, but I will be facing job stress.
Awhile back I heard someone said the schizophrenics needed more efforts to accomplish a simple task in comparison with average normal people. Maybe this is why I feel that I have a lot of responsibilities, is this the reason you feel that way too, or because of other reason?


I get easily exhausted when doing things like dishes, laundry, vaccuming, tidying, working, shopping. Everything takes energy. Nothing makes me gain it.


Lack of motivation- makes us need to use more energy

Lack of ability to experience fun from activities- makes us only pain, without gain.


i read that people with schiz have trouble estimating the reward from the task at hand.
so it is better for us to break everything up into little steps

example: doing the dishes:

  1. walk to the dishwasher
  2. open the dishwasher
  3. take out the dishes
  4. put away the cups
  5. Put away the plates
  6. put away the utensils


I have family that rely on my support, just as I do for my psyche. It does get in the way of my health as well, but I’m sure if it wasn’t for them it would be something else w/no meaning attached. I mean a heavy responsibility for my grandfather could be walking, taking meds, eating, fluid intake, hygiene, changing the channel on the tv, among many others. I think the majority of this forums users have heavy responsibilities. None the same, but not too different.

People with SZ and people w/out have their own unique tools that can be used to accomplish different tasks. “more efforts” I think means different approaches. Einstein had SZ and discovered an invisible force to man where all physical bodies attracted one another and it was named gravity. If you base your thoughts on what you hear, listen to great minds that inspire you.

ADD, and ADHD medications refer to the release of dopamine (the reward center of the brain)



I am married and have four children, I have a full time job where I have to wear many hats. I cook all the meals and help my children as much as possible to achieve their goals in school. I do computer work for a handful of clients, removing viruses, electrical circuit analysis, and programming. I also like to do electronic work on the side as a hobby.



That’s heavy enough for you to carry.

Most of the time, I will skip reading those inspiring words from great minds. It will just upset me.
I will sometime read the story of the poor and sick ones because it will remind me of the life in my possession right now.

Nevertheless, you are a strong caregiver. :+1:


I’m impressed you manage all that. Are you sz or carer? I hardly manage my two kids and one doesn’t live at home.


when it comes to keeping the apartment cleaned up, and things like that, I have help.

I also have help keeping my day on schedule.

I have a job, but I like my job, so I don’t consider that a responsibility.


Glad to hear yours. Keep it up, SurprisedJ.


Hello Comatose

What is a carer and no I don’t see myself as having SZ. I have had obes and astral projections my whole life and I am aware of those things that linger in the veil such as the voices you and many others are hearing. I hear the voices 24/7 and I am in constant communication with them and others that are also from within the veil. Those of you that hear telepathy those voices are not others of this world talking to you but things that have found your soul and speak through it, these voices can mimic you and anything your mind can imagine. Many of these voices are tricksters and are unaware of this reality even though they say they understand things they do not. It is the paranoia, stress, depression and many other things that make you vulnerable to them talking, since they find your fears in your higher mind and use them against you. I could explain this but many of you would not understand this,

To them
Try to find your mind inside my mind to find your mind.



I have a lot of responsibility…I’m in a difficult science major and spend what little free time I have studying my butt off to get A’s so I can get into grad school…it makes me so mad when my couple of genius friends just cram study and get A’s when I have to work so hard every day to stick the information in my brain.

I also have to start getting paid for my lab work because right now I’m just a huge money sink to my parents. And whenever I go home I have 1000 more responsibilities thrown on me as the oldest child. So life is pretty much exhausting right now. But like I heard in a song lately “what is easy isn’t always what is better.” I think that’s true. Sure it would be less stressful to sit around all day and work some menial job, but I wouldn’t be fulfilled, I’d be depressed and lethargic.


I have a lot of responsibility. I have to take care of a household, work and raise a 14 year old. It’s stressful but I love it. I love being independent.


Having kids would seem to me to be one of the hardest things for anyone to do. I don’t have any but I have a lot of respect for people who can have them. Caregiving for my dad and wife has a lot of similar tasks involved but usually responsibilities can be distributed among more people. I try to keep in mind that my biggest responsibility is my own health, because without it I won’t be useful for anything else.


About average responsibilities. But I only have me and a cat to take care of. I have a part-time job, I take online classes, I have a car and I live by myself. So I need to make sure the car has gas and I need to keep it clean, and occasionally take it to the shop to be worked on. If I want to live here I need to work to make rent. I take care of all my own business, whatever comes up. Sometimes that’s going to the Social Security office, the bank, the car wash, buying groceries, the vet, etc. I need to keep my apartment clean and my cat and myself fed. I need to make (and keep) numerous appointments for the doctor; whether it’s my eye doctor, my dentist, the county hospital for occasional tests, or my local clinic. I ALWAYS have something that needs to be done. Right now I’m procrastinating on doing my sheets and bed covers at the nearby laundromat, cleaning my oven, and going through my storage closet and organizing it.


Carer, someone who takes care of someone inte family with sz.

You sound much like my mom. She connects to spirits. She wants me off meds because it blocks the connection to them. I never asked for any connection to demons. yet they haunt me. Every time we up the meds. I’m on 25 mg Abilify now. If 30 doesn’t do the trick we have to change meds. :confused:


Hello Comatose

I tend to agree with your mom on this issue but we are all different in many ways. I enjoy the voices and the demons as I understand what they realy are. Be strong and do what feels right for you.

I didn’t even understand the word schizophrenia till a couple months ago but it ties in with a puzzle I am trying to put together.



I am a father and a husband, so I guess that’s heavy. I’m driving a field trip Monday and will have about 70 people on my school bus, so that’s heavy. I also have trouble coping with the minutiae of life – have to schedule showers in Google Calendar. Let my phone run dead last night and didn’t brush my teeth or shower this morning until I plugged it back in and went, “whoops!”

I can get things done if I can remember what it is that needs to get done. Not sure if that part of my brain is ever coming back.



I have a husband and house to take care of as well as a theatre deadline where i have to put on a play in 4 weeks time, devising with me and another person and something else on at the Drum in Plymouth in the new year.

i don’t consider it a heavy responsibility because i have so much help around the house from my mum, but i get healthy meals cooked for me and partner, and feel okay about the other stuff

Volunteering is a great place to start - i don’t volunteer currently because I’ve exhausted a lot of options with it by doing it in the past for quite a long time… i am doing creative stuff instead…

It does take us more and there are limits to what we can take as well generally

i can do this but i can’t work…


Im not bothered by the fact I don’t have a job, schizophrenia is a full time job. But I do always help people I meet and my family too.