Anyone with a freestyle libre?

My husband is very happy. He just received his Freestyle Libre 2 yesterday. He loves it! He’s been fighting insurance for over a year to get one. We had to change insurance companies and the first order to them for it they approved.

Feeling pretty good about Fidelis today.


That’s great news!

I have no idea what that is but congrats.


No, but I’d like to have one. My insurance wont even cover more than like 1 or 2 test strips(I cant remember what they said) a day since I’m not on insulin yet. So I just buy my own since I use like 5 a day to monitor closely.

I doubt they would even consider a freestyle libre.

the pharmacy initially said, “you might have to pay for them”, I tried to just pay for them and then then on a visit to pharmacy they said “well, lets try to get them paid through insurance” then they came back with the one or two a day thing and said they would try to contact doc to get them to allow more or something. Then they just never called with filled prescription…so I have just been buying ALL my own from walmart and amazon.

Edit: Oh, they also said that they didnt have them in stock after saying insurance would only pay for one or two, and I again offered to just pay for them that time so I would have them on hand…

You may remember part of this ordeal, Zombie, as I mentioned it to you before as it was occurring. Really frustrated me.

Edit: sorry for derailing the thread a bit.

I use a Dexcom G6 CGM and Tandem Tslim X2 insulin pump, together. But I’m a type 1 diabetic.

I hope the Libre makes a positive improvement for your husband.

Does the freestyle libre have a needle you put into your skin?

And how much does it cost without insurance Mombie? @ZombieMombie

I have no idea what it costs. I can try to find that.

It has a small, short needle like sensor that pokes into the skin. My hisband was worried it would hurt and feel weird, but he said he didn’t feel anything.

Found a place that finds prices. You can add your zip code for local prices.

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Thanks Mombie 151515

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You’re very welcome

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