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I need to complain about this. My health insurance denied my insulin coverage. Without insurance it costs $3200 per month. I’ve been on insulin five years now. They are demanding a letter with documentation from my endocrinologist proving I need it. I have no existing pancreas. Not having insulin will kill me. Do they think I’m some insulin addict shooting myself up because I eat 5 dozen donuts a day?

It’s like they’ve got see if my pancreas grew back and I forgot to inform them.

Why do I have to justify that I need the same medication every year? They said the appeal can take up to ninety days. Screw them.


That is shocking. Awful.

I hope you get this sorted.


Yeah, thats bad.

But if you were a responsible insulin user, you would try harder to grow back your pancreas.

Seriously, sorry.


That is BS. I hope you get it worked out. :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:


OMFG. That is nuts. I’m so sorry


Sorry this is happening to you @sweetpotatopie

There are so many such horror stories with health insurance in the U.S., I’m convinced all of the D students ended up in careers in health insurance administration.



I’m sorry you’re having to go through is.

There is more than one type of insulin, so maybe you can call your endocrinologist and ask them if you can take another type of insulin that is covered by your health insurance (it will be listed in the company’s formulary).

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usually when they do this kinda stuff its more asking for proof that a certain medication that they think is not more beneficial then a cheaper brand is needed. like with all the prior authorazation medicines. did it need a prior auth? cause usually for me those go through within like 24 hrs after the dr does the paperwork.

another thing that i know happens with insulin cause my mom takes it is that sometimes unsurance companies switch contracts with insulin types. but the two types are almost the same. like between lantus and levemir or basaglar. so they might have switched which one they cover and so now need approval but ur doctor might be able to switch the brand to which they cover now

Yeah so I have to take a concentrated insulin. So it is very specific. I get they don’t like covering it. It’s not like I’ve just started taking it though. I’ve been on the concentrated kind for three years now. I’ve had to submit paperwork per year for it to be approved for a year. This year they rejected it with no reason. We have to file an appeal because it was rejected. I would understand if it were a new drug for a new condition. But it is not so honestly I just don’t get it. :woman_shrugging:t2: the fact that I have to file for approval every stupid year is ridiculous. But rejecting my claim to cover my insulin is really excessive. I can’t take a different type of insulin. That is the only brand of concentrated that goes in my brand of insulin pump. Like insurance companies should know this.


That’s outrageous.

Sorry to read this happened to you and I hope you will get your medication at a affordable price.:pray:t4:


That’s one of the stupidest bureaucracy things I’ve ever heard. Here you go to the specialist and the next visits are to the GP.


Weirdest thing is they approved coverage for my insulin pumps but not the insulin to put in them. :rofl::rofl::rofl: oh boy


Pure B S. They should be fired …


We’re currently having a battle getting my wife’s Saxenda covered despite a letter from her doctor authorizing it. The needles for the pens are covered. LOL.

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Probably helps them line their pockets a bit more. Sounds very unfair I hope it’s not adding stress to your illness even more :cry:


Hey leave us d students alone :sob::sob::sob:


This is absurdity. I hate insurance execs so much.

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Wow. Unfortunately I totally believe it. How can they not realize it’s necessity?!?! It’s literally essential for life!!! They’re such idiots! I feel bad for not only you but for their poor service reps who have to explain denial of coverage. I don’t envy their job at all!

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i thought the govt. capped insulin costs? something like 35 dollars a month?

Um, er, ah, eh…

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

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