Anyone used a ouija board for psychotherapy;?;

This is a bit out there, but if you could ask your great grandfather what his problems were you might be able to give him some answers. Some of the greatest mediums started that way.

No. It’s dumb. I toyed for a bit with the iching and tarot and things but came to the same conclusion. It’s dumb. It has no place in mental illness other than reinforce bad or different thoughts.

My two cents.

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Yes, it’s good to let the dead forget, I still think bathing is the best plan, according to astrologically correct time keeping and GPS.

Fire is really great for spirits, bathing in alcohol is really great for killing germs, incense is great for giving peace of mind.

I use sodium valproate to forget.

Gagis I don’t think spiritual healing should mean anything other then therapy and meditation. If you have a belief in these sorts of meta physics based quakery then I think you’re not necessarily in the right fame of mind.